Cost-Benefit Analysis BioElectric Shield 

The Shield is an investment for your lifetime. Most people who invest in Shields enjoy the benefits for decades.

We have prepared a cost analysis to help you put the cost of a Shield in the proper perspective for your clients!

When we bring our centered and balanced selves to all situations in our daily lives we are more loving, more prosperous, more PRESENT.

So we ask our potential customers: What would you be willing to spend to bring more vitality, more balance, and protection from the stressful and harmful energies in your life?

Unlike supplements or many other things we buy over and over again, the Shield can last a lifetime.

If you are willing to spend less than the price of a fast-food hamburger a week to greatly enhance the quality of your life, you will want to invest in a BioElectric Shield!

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The BioElectric Shield - Energy Protection since 1990

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