Shield transformed going to school from an emotional train wreck to a fun place to learn for this HSP (Highly Sensitive) girl

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The  BioElectric Shield transformed going to school from an emotional train wreck to a fun place to learn, as told by Marsha Calder, Morgan's wonderful mother.

"My daughter is a very sensitive and intuitive child. Due to her sensitive nature, I schooled her at home for two years.

Once she started to school in second grade, however, the classroom setting quickly overwhelmed her.

She was fine with the academics and social interaction but being closeted in a windowless room with fluorescent lights quickly took its toll. Furthermore, she was absorbing the energies of the adults and children in her presence. My daughter would come home from school and release the day’s tension through her tears.

Morgan’s teacher was having a health challenge and Morgan could feel it.

Her classmates were struggling with a variety of stressors such as food allergies, new siblings, divorce and custody arrangements but Morgan had no knowledge of this first hand. She acquired this information through her intuition. It was only after my spending time in the classroom did I determine Morgan had intuited the truth about these individuals.

The constant bombardment of energy from her surroundings began to create a concentration challenge for Morgan while in the classroom.

She was always sick, completely overwhelmed and just seven years old. School was becoming a problem.

Many educators and counselors tend to attribute this type of emotional distress to maturity level, stress and gender. Morgan was not in tears simply because she was a girl; what she was feeling was very real. Fortunately, she was able to articulate her feelings which led me to the BioElectric Shield. (Read more about Highly Sensitive People)

Initially, I selected the traditional round shape for Morgan. When the package arrived, I placed it on my daughter’s bed to await her return from school. Even though I hadn’t told her that her shield had arrived, she felt it.

When Morgan walked into her bedroom, she froze and said, “Something is in here … and it feels wonderful!”

She immediately began to look around while holding her hand to her chest saying, “I can feel it right here. I can feel it in my heart. It feels wonderful.” I walked to the bed, picked up the box containing the BioElectric Shield and handed it to her. Morgan replied, “That’s it!”

Up until that moment, I was thinking the BioElectric Shield was going to be yet another experiment.

I had tried empowering my daughter with visualizations, affirmations and various necklaces, photos and knick-knacks to get her through her school day. None of these had worked. When Morgan reacted so strongly to the BioElectric Shield, I knew this was not just an emotional situation but a physical one. The research data provided on your website was compelling but nothing like seeing the BioElectric Shield in action.

Morgan has since upgraded her shield to the very feminine, heart-shaped shield. She doesn’t get as many questions about her necklace now as she did with the round shape. The BioElectric Shield has always been the source of much attention. The other children gravitate to it and want to hold it in their hands. Morgan doesn’t explain the significance of her necklace but merely tells the kids, “My mom gave it to me.” To keep it out of curious fingers, she now wears it underneath her clothes or drops it in her pocket.

marsha_calder.jpgIt has been three years since we purchased our first shield.

Morgan’s dad, a chiropractor, now wears her original BioElectric Shield. And I can tell you, I know immediately if either one of them has forgotten to wear their necklace. It makes such a difference in their day and ultimately, in mine.

Thank you again for your fabulous product, supporting research and wonderful assistance. The BioElectric Shield has given me my carefree, joyous daughter back. Anyone with a sensitive or intuitive child must have this product!"

Gratefully yours,

Marsha Calder

Not all HSP, Indigo or sensitive children are this sensitive - but many are being greatly affected. Here's a test that you can take for yourself and your children to see if this kind of sensitivity is an issue. Are you or your child a Highly Sensitive Person?

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