Send in a Photo - we can help you determine level of EMF protection you need.

Since 1985, our company founders have had the privilege of working with a family who has the ability to see energy to the cellular level. This gift has been passed through several generations for the past 500 years. We originally used their services to inquire about very complex patient issues when we ran our Pain and Allergy Clinic in both Boston, and Billings, Mt. Their answers have been verified as correct by MRIs, Cat-scans, and other types of medical documentation. We have the utmost of respect for their gift.

Because Dr. Brown and I originally met them when we were practicing clinicians, we asked them if they would use this gift to examine photos and then recommend the most effective Shield for you based on your energy pattern. We always wanted the best for our patients, and we continue to want to provide the highest quality service we can to help people be protected from electromagnetic radiation, and other unhealthy energies.

How can they do this?
Their eye structure is different from yours and mine- the rods and cones in the lens of their eyes have a broader capacity than what is typical for the rest of us. They are able to see light frequencies not visible to the normal eye. In fact, they see energy down to the cellular level. Even in a regular photograph our consultants are able to see what is impacting your energy as well as your sensitivity to radiation. Based on your answers to the questions as well as your energy sensitivity, a specific level of emf protection will be recommended for you.

We can give you the best information if you answer these questions and include them with your photo.


  1. Describe your personal concerns and health issues. Do you have physical or emotional symptoms?
  2. Are there behaviors that concern you for you or your child – lack of focus, hyperactivity, etc.? 
  3. Please describe your home and work environments. How much time are you in front of a computer? How large is your monitor? Is it high-definition? Have wireless in your home? Play games on the computer or PlayStation?
  4. Do you have a Cable TV or Satellite TV? Do you have hi-definition TV?
  5. Do you appliances that are made in 2009 - current? (appliances, alarm clocks, refrigerators, washer, dryer) These have smart chips in them. EMF comes from all these appliances because they have the chips in them.
  6. How much do you use a cell phone daily? What kind of cell phone do you have (eg. cell phone where you can take pictures, connect to the Internet, eg. smart phone, android, iPhone, blackberry verses a cell phone that you simply can make a call)? Do you use a blue-tooth headset?
  7. Do your neighbors use wireless?
  8. Do you use an e-book or Kindle?
  9. Are you sensitive or concerned about anything in your environment - emf, microwaves, other people's energy?
  10. Are there any special circumstances such as smart meters, high-tension power lines, cell-phone towers, microwave towers near you?
  11. Do you have a smart meter?
  12. Do you drive an electric car?
  13. What would you like to see the Shield do for you?
  14. Please give us your phone number and a good time to call you back after the photo analysis is complete. Sometimes it takes 24-48 hours to return your call, but we would like to know available times so we call when you will be available.

Photo Instructions custom shield photo

  1. We need a full body photo. Please allow 4 feet of space around your full body shot. This means space above your head, to your left and right and in front of your feet.
  2. You can use a digital camera, Polaroid, regular film. Disposable cameras are fine. If you use a digital camera, the setting must be the highest resolution possible. (see example to your right)
  3. The photo should be recent – no older than 3 months old.
  4. Please wear light colored clothing and stand in front of a white or light colored background.
  5. If you know how to work with your camera and can choose a 4” x 6” size or the size that says – small Internet size, this will save us from resizing your photo.
  6. Please email your digital photo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  7. If you don’t email it, please print it using the following criteria. In order for the consultant to see your energy, the printer must be a photographic printer, capable of printing at a minimum of 1200 dpi. A 4” x 6” print on glossy photo paper will be fine. Please send your photo to: Robert Fidel 643 Dean Creek Rd. Lavina, Montana 59046.
  8. Read more about individually customized Shields
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