Can an Gauss Meter Tell You if your EMF protection device is working?

Many people assume that gauss meters are showing you if your emf protection devices is working. Unfortunately, it's the wrong tool for the job! Watch this very short video to understand how to judge any personal EMF protection device.


If you don't see a movie screen here, you can view 4 minute explanation of how to measure the effectiveness of an emf protection device:

Doctor Evaluates EMF Protection Devices

Dr. David Getoff reports patient experiences wearing the BioElectric Shield as compared to other EMF devices he has tested over the past 10 years.

Dr. Getoff tests all his energy sensitive patients with the BioElectric Shield and many other energy protection devices. In 16 years of testing he has tested thousands of people. In this testing 90% tested strong with at least one product, and 98% of the time it's the BioElectric Shield. Proving over and over again that the Shield works far better than many other products on the market. Find out more about his experiences and testing.

Part I {youtube}Cnvj4cV7GK0"{/youtube}

Part II{youtube}Ov2ReZcpfTU"{/youtube}

Part III

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