I attribute my vigorous good health and abundant energy to the Shield, and like all my gadgetry, I wouldn't leave home without my BioElectric Shield

Kim_NagyTools and products for self empowerment have always held a special allure for me, and I have been a long time fan of the BioElectric Shield Company. I purchased my first Shield in the early 90s and recently added a Room Shield to my apartment.

I’m on a plane most every week for business, and I am very wired (not by choice) with a cell phone, iPhone, laptop, etc. The Shield seems to make everything go smoothly, and most importantly it helps me to self-adjust when I get off center. I attribute my vigorous good health and abundant energy to the Shield, and like all the gadgetry I carry with me, I wouldn’t think of leaving home without it!

The Room Shield is a gentle reminder to face the challenges of life with grace and calmness. It hangs prominently in the center of the living room, helping me transform nervousness into a “bring it on” attitude, but with a smile.

We should focus on the things we can do in life to improve our health, living in this toxic world. The only thing we can do is reduce our risk of exposure. I am fully confident that I am best prepared to meet those challenges with my Shield, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Kim Nagy*, Brighton, MA

*Kim Nagy is a Natural Foods Industry veteran, and she has been a life-long consumer of natural products. She specializes in gaining distribution for new products and supplements. She is an avid nature and animal photographer, and she likes to combine photography with her other love, international and domestic travel. Her photographs appear regularly on the National Geographic web site.

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