Kirilian Photography and the EMF Protection and Energy Balancing BioElectric Shield

Most of us are unaware how depleted our energy can be when we are bombarded by wireless networks, computers and other forms of EMF. Other people's energy is draining as well. The Shield is an emf protection pendant that not only deflects any energy incompatible with you. It also balances and strengthens your energy field. This series of photos shows the incredible increase in energy vibrancy of a person who put on the Shield at a trade show, and then came back 6 months later.

  1. The first photo shows the person - as is - when she comes to the trade show
  2. She wears the Shield for 1 hour, and another photo is taken. Already you can see her energy is being strengthened by the supportive energy field of the BioElectric Shield
  3. When we return to NYC for another trade show, 6 months later, she comes to our booth. Honestly - we didn't recognize her - she looked so different - so healthy - that she had to tell us who she was.
    1. Observe the increase in healthy vibrant energy in this Shield wearer over a 6-month period. This reflects 2 issues: first, the Shield has reinforced and balanced her energy, resulting in a very healthy, vibrant, BIG, energy field. She told us she had tons more energy, and even with 2 toddlers at home, would put them to bed, and go paint for a couple of hours! She was ecstatic.
    2. Secondly, as an emf protection pendant, the Shield  redirects radiation and other stressful energies away from her. The energy her body used in the past to do this clearly had drained and exhausted her. (photo 1), but with the Shield, she could use that energy to enjoy her children, and go back to painting, a creative joy for her.


Aura photo before wearing a BioElectric Shield

1 hour after the 1st photograph
After 1 Hour
After 6 months

Here are more photos showing changes in the energy field after wearing the Shield 1-2 hours.

kirilian photography with bioelectric shield
kirilian photography bioelectric shield C
kirilian photography bioelectric shield D

Here are photos of 4 people who were working at a trade show. The top two are 2 international distributors and the bottom 2 are from the BioElectric Shield Company. We all have different energy systems, and the kirilian photos simply our fields at that show, but also wearing our Shields.

kirilian photography bioelectric shield group

In 1997, another company was "proving" that their emf protection device out performed the BioElectric Shield. Customers always want independent confirmation, as did we, so they agreed to wear a magnetized pendant, another EMF pendant that used a different resonant energy (to be tactful we will not say exactly which company this was) and then a Shield. In the first photo group, you will see the results for all 3 pendants. The first two pendants were worn 15 hours each. The Shield was worn for 8 hours.

In figure 2, another person asked us to compare our emf radiation protection pendant to yet another emf energy pendant. The results were similar. The other pendent certainly improved the person's energy, but not as much as the BioElectric Shield. We feel the difference is that our pendant has living crystals in it, that immediately resonate with your energy field. Other pendants either use an artificially generated energy, or something that has been fingerprinted or infused into ceramic and other materials. They have excellent vibrations, but they don't form a living relationship with you.




kirilian photo of shield




person 2


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