Top Ten Survivial Tips HSP and empaths - woman with headphones to get quiet time in flightWhen you took our assessment test you scored high in the emotional, energetically sensitive category which makes you a Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP.

Until you took our test you may not have even known that you were an HSP. You may have had no idea that you have been impacted by the energies around you. Just understanding this may go a long way in assisting you in shifting things for yourself.

If you already know that you're sensitive to the energy, stress and emotions of others, I hope you have learned some ways to “deal with it”. Even so you may still often feel like you just can't quite cope with it all.

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This is a series of articles you may want to check out that will give you more information and perhaps make things a little more clear for you

Bonus Tip - Wear a BioElectric Shield and combine it with these other tips and you’ll find your life is much more manageable.


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