AnnaMariah 400I want to share something with you because I'm being guided to do so and I hope you'll take it in the loving spirit that it's offered.

Who I am  I’m AnnaMariah and I’m an Empath - former poster child for "sponge person".
I spent years of struggling with extreme overwhelm and being impacted by energies and pains both physical and emotional of those around me. I had learned lots of techniques, grounding, clearing, Reiki, and on and on, but they weren’t working all that well and I was struggling. In 1994 I found something that changed my life. 

Why Am I Sharing now?  I often feel like spirit, yours or mine is screaming at me to share my story. So please if you’re interested in knowing more, please read, if not that’s just fine, just ignore. I am often reluctant to share that information here because I don’t want to be perceived as being here just to Sell – I’m not. However, there are times that I feel if I don’t talk about it, at least to offer it as an option; I’m doing my FB friends a disservice. But please don’t blast me for mentioning it. Yes, I am business manager for the company, but I don’t personally gain if you buy a Shield, other than the warm feeling I get when I hear back from you that it’s making a difference.

The Energy Tool That Changed My Life - The BioElectric Shield is a pendant that strengthens your energy field and deflects the EMF from technology and most importantly for HSPs and empaths deflects other people's negativity, stress, control, thoughts and fears - all things that seem to really impact empaths.

Disclosure -I am not here to Sell you - but I want to be clear that I do work for the Shield Company because it changed my life and I know what a difference it can make for others.

90 day money back guarantee,
Free photo analysis
to help you choose the right Shield (for sensitives usually Level 2 or 3 is best because stronger isn’t always best)

Personal Stories - Here's my personal story and that of several other empaths - I've been wearing Shield now for just under 20 years.

Here's a heart warming story of a girl who went from Suicidal to Awesome. It's stories like these that make me want to keep sharing the Shield with people.

What's worked Best for me - There are techniques and practices that can certainly help, I'm happy to share some of my favorite resources. Personally I’ve found that a combination of learning self-care and a Shield works best for me and for many others. With the increasing levels of both EMF and fear on the planet it’s harder and harder for us to maintain our energies without help – that’s why the Shield is here, to provide the extra energetic support and balancing needed.

Cost - Value I would like to take a moment to talk about cost. I agree, the Shield isn’t cheap. But think about this, many of us have spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars on supplements, classes, and other things that we hope will help us feel better, or deal with energies more easily. We don’t really notice it that much because the amounts are smaller $20 here, $37 here, etc, with the Shield it’s a one-time investment that can last for 20 years or more – for a level 2 Shield that’s only about $18 a year. If the Shield makes the kind of difference it did for me and thousands of other sensitive souls, I guarantee you’ll be thankful you made the investment in yourself and your well-being. If not – remember our guarantee 

Levels of Shields – stronger isn’t always better. Pay attention to your intuition when looking at the Shields – you probably will be drawn to the one that’s best suited for you. If you’re not sure, I’m happy to discuss with you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 541-727-7322 - I can often tune in to your energy and give you a good idea of what will work for you, or you can send in your photo for analysis. (If you have health or emotional issues, please send in your photo to be sure we get the right Shield for you the first time)

We never, ever try to sell you a stronger Shield than you need. In most cases a Level 2 or 3 is best for empaths and highly sensitive people  – and here’s good news, if you get a Shield and decide later that you want to trade up we offer a trade-up service.

I will say that for most of you if you're getting a Level 2 Shield - go with the all-silver, the energy of the silver is stronger, and smoother than the one with the brass tabs. As far as Level 1 Shields - I recommend those Only as room Shields, not personal Shields. Trust me on this, it's not about selling you something more expensive, but something that works and will give you a great experience.

But please, please know I'm not trying to sell - just responding to a loud inner prompting - which I always take to mean that I'm doing a disservice if I don't speak up. I’ve personally talked to thousands of HSPs and empaths, sold them Shields, and had tears of joy when they shared their stories. If you should decide to order a Shield, I hope you’ll share your story with me.

Another type of sensitivity - Electrosensitivity - Another reason I feel this is important is that most if not all empaths and HSPs are also electromagnetically sensitive as well. As the amount of technology we use seems to be increasing exponentially, we need additional support and that's what the Shield is all about.

My Bodacious Side - I also use my gemstone empath abilities to create gemstone jewelry.

DISCOUNT - For my Twitter friends, I can offer a 12% discount - use coupon code TWITTER12 at checkout and get 12% off the Shields.

Shared in love, AnnaMariah


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