Gem expert, Naisha Ahsian, author of The Book of Stones Evaluates the Shield

book of stonesMay 20th

Within 1 minute of holding the shield, I felt a coherence being established in my energy field, which is what made me decide to try it on. Having felt other “shields” and having a negative reaction to them, this was a surprise.

After 5 minutes of wearing the shield, a noticeable increase in the amplitude of my energy field occurred, resulting in a heightened sense of centeredness and focus. My vision markedly improved, becoming very crisp and clear, and my spherical awareness was greatly increased (awareness of all that was going on around me at once, without it being a distraction from my conversation with Virginia).

I immediately felt that this shield is significantly different from the other similar devices I have experienced. With the other emf pendants - there was a sense of a static frequency that was not flexible or adaptable—actually limiting my energy field’s ability to move and expand.

Also, the increase in amplitude is critical, as amplitude is the driving force behind electromagnetic energy. By increasing your field’s amplitude, the BioElectric shield ensures that your energy is the “driving force” in any given situation and is LOUDER than the energies of electronics or other EMF interference. This was both exciting and surprising, as I have yet to encounter any technology that increases the amplitude of the human EMF without conscious effort - until I found this Shield.

May 23rd
Over the past three days I have noticed the following:
1. Increased energy & stamina. I hiked up Mt. Shasta with no sense of tiredness or fatigue, even though I had not eaten in over 24 hours. I am sleeping less, but feel more rested and less fatigued and loggey upon waking.
2. Less brain chatter. This is a big one for me, as it indicates that the parasympathetic nervous system is engaged more fully than the sympathetic—in other words, less stress effects.
3. Less emotional reaction: again, probably due to operating from the parasympathetic nervous system.
4. Huge difference in my experience in flying cross country. I don’t have the fatigue and “buzziness” that I usually feel when flying for long distances. I don’t have the “cooked” feeling.
5.More ease in reaching and maintaining Primus state.

June 8
I’ve just completed an 8 day cleansing fast and found it to be one of the easiest fasts I’ve ever done! I have no doubt that wearing the BioElectric Shield during my fast was the primary reason it went so easily. Usually, an 8 day fast is an energetic trial for me, with the usual fatigue, headaches, and other detox symptoms making the first few days unpleasant. This time, however, my energy continued to be high and even throughout the fast. Detox symptoms were reduced drastically, and my mood was great throughout! The only thing I have done differently this time is to wear the BioElectric Shield. This has been a real, solid proof to me of the shields’ ability to regulate my energy field. I feel great!

I was a bit concerned at first that the device would get in the way of my meditative practice and prevent my connecting with the various frequency sets that I work with. This has definitely NOT been the case! I have found the BioElectric Shield to be an excellent tool, helping me to maintain energetic coherence and high amplitude over a broad range of frequencies—from meditation to healing work, to just going about my daily tasks and routine. I have found that as my energy field has become more coherent, I have become happier, less stressed, and more conscious in my daily life.

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