After Almost Quitting her job Due to Illness and Pain this Single Mother Got her Life Back

Dear Friends, 

drbrownIt was 1989, the beginning of the computer infusion into business. The marvelous invention of the computer turned out to be a mixed blessing. Here was a miracle machine that could save a lot of work, organize, and cut the clutter of paper in your office. A lot of people started to feel bad in front of a computer after a few hours. More and more people were feeling tired, irritable, unfocused, headachy and just a little more depressed. 
What was the connection? 

I had a patient who loved her job and was really good at it. But, after 18 months as programmer, she was having terrible headaches, pressure in her ears (she constantly felt like she was coming in for a landing, but never quite landed) and was extremely exhausted. At first this only happened in the afternoons, but now the pain started first thing in the morning. Every day was an increasing struggle for survival.

"Susan", was a single parent and terrified that she’d lose her job, livelihood and her house.  In little over a year she’d gone from excited and confident about her career feeling that the job was no longer a blessing but a curse. After all the money and effort she’d put into learning these skills - now they were making her sick.

Susan had been to other doctors and basically been written off as probably a little nuts. After all, the doctors couldn’t find what was wrong, so it must be her. Susan felt a little better, but was in pain and struggling. She was ready to give up her job. She would lose her house, and have to start all over again in a new career. She had no idea how she was going to manage going back to school. Again. 

To be honest, Susan, wasn't the first patient reporting feeling tired or sick after working in front of a computer all day. It was 1989, Boston, home of Digital, Lotus and other big software companies. Every day I had more patients who were suffering from headaches, tension, frequent colds and flu that went on for weeks, and over-all stress. I was very concerned. 

I desperately wanted to help. Giving up computers just wasn't an option. I searched the Internet and talked to other doctors looking for an answer.  I found a lot of studies linking these symptoms and more to exposure to electromagnetic radiation. But no one had a remedy. We were all stumped. I was about to give up, which just isn’t like me. 

Then I started having waking dreams in which I kept seeing a matrix of quartz and other crystals. I put together a pattern of crystals that matched my visions. I took them to a woman who can see energy and she confirmed that the matrix several positive effects.  We made some prototypes and started sharing them with our patients and friends who needed them. 

Susan received her pendant just in time. She was ready to quit her job. She put on a BioElectric Shield, went to work and nothing happened. Nothing - as in - no headache, no fatigue, no pressure in the ears. She couldn't believe it! After all this time, for the first time in over a year, she was pain free. She thought ”This must be a fluke”. The next day she left the Shield at home. Within 20 minutes the pressure and pain returned. She gave up lunch and rushed home to get the Shield.  Back at work that afternoon "nothing" happened - no pain. After a pain free hour Susan slipped into the women's private bathroom and wept with relief. 

Susan says the Shield literally saved her life - her health, her job, and her home - the sanctuary of safety for herself and her 8 year old son. 

When I heard all this, it was my turn to get a bit choked up. Susan still wears her Shield. And of course, as more people found out there really was something that could give them their life back, the word spread. There are many stories that will warm your heart if you have time to read them. 

Thank you to all of you who trusted me all those years ago. You were willing to give something that sounded pretty far-out a try. Thanks to you all, many others now live much happier, healthier lives. 

Dr. Charles W. Brown


Are you doing everything you can to be healthy - and still feeling sick?

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