Shield Helps Courageous Single Mother Gain some Ease in Dealing with Life 


Susan’s Leap of Faith

There are times that I am reminded very beautifully why the Shield is so important, and what a difference it can make.

I got a call from a single mother who had the courage five years ago to leave an abusive, negative 20-year marriage. She is raising her six-year-old son, Elliott, who has Down Syndrome, and teen-aged daughter Emmalee on her own with very limited finances. Spending $Money on a Shield was a big deal and a gigantic leap of faith. She struggled with the decision over whether she should get Shields for herself or her children first. She finally concluded that as the care-giver her calm and strength would benefit her family greatly, so she ordered her silver heart Shield.

The day after Susan got the Shield I got this email. I believe Virginia and I both received daily thank you emails for at least a week. This is why we are here…this is what we’re all about. Making a difference one person at a time.

(Shown Susan B., Emmalee and Elliott)

“AnnaMariah, Last night we had severe thunderstorms for a few hours. Elliott was very unsettled as they were approaching. He could feel the vibrations. I held him close to me and he settled down and went right to sleep! Even was snoring through the loud thunder as it was upon us! We had hail and we have a metal roof on our house! He slept in my arms. I did not put him down until the storm passed. I think my shield affected him as well!”

A week after her Shield arrived Susan wrote again:

“My Emmalee picked up a few sniffles and has been irritable....I had several chances to be stressed out with her and just wasn't! I got the sniffles and still walked 6 miles yesterday! Took a break as I am stiff from walking 2 extra miles than usual!!

It has been nearly a week of wearing my shield...I have worn it 24/7 since except when I take a shower! I love it!”

Susan gave me permission to share her story with you, and requested that I include more of her story. I hope you’re as inspired by her courage as I am. AnnaMariah

“As a single Mom, this is something I did for myself for great self-care. I liken it to putting my oxygen mask on first and then I can help my family and others. Self care is not something that most of us do...we put others first.

This May would have been my 25th anniversary. Silver is usually associated with that. I purchased my Shield as a gift to me from God. Now He is my Husband. He holds my heart. He guards my heart. He has restored my heart. He has filled my heart with fresh hope, love and energy!"

Refined As Silver

Malachi 3:3 says: "He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver."

A silversmith explained that in refining silver, one needed to hold the silver in the middle of the fire where the flames were hottest as to burn away all the impurities.

Think about the times when you are in a hot spot in life. You wonder why God allows you to stay there?

The silversmith said that he had to sit and hold the silver in front of the fire all the time, and his eyes had to be on the silver all the time.

If the silver was left a moment too long in the flames, it would be destroyed. But how does the silver smith know when the silver is fully refined?

The silversmith answered is this, "Oh, that's easy - when I see my image in it."

If today you are feeling the heat of the fire, remember that God has His eye on you and will keep watching you until He sees His image in you.


“I now have my silver heart....a strong heart...representing the past 5 years of healing and recovery.

Here is something I wrote a few years ago. Now I feel complete.
Susan : )

January 16, 2005, about 6 months since I had decided to file for deliverance (divorce)
I spent some time with my God, in the shower of all places...he just briefly gave me a glimpse of how He is transforming my once broken heart into a whole is what He gave me when I spent the time a bit later to write it all down...

While in the shower this morning, I got this image in my mind…Hooks into my heart…the verbal abuse ripped into me and the barbs on the hooks would rip big tears into the surface. Over a period of time the hooks and barbs would go deeper and deeper, causing me to second-guess myself and doubt my abilities as a person, wife, mother and friend.

Over the past 20 years, the remaining part of my heart was so scarred that the surface of my heart became hard with the scarred skin, taunt and rough edges, almost unrecognizable as the organ of emotions that is actually was. It was a mass of moving muscle at best; functioning at the lowest level possible while still maintaining life. The years of adrenaline pumping through it, being stuck in survival mode had done much damage. It looked as though it was barely holding together; ready to burst at any moment. As the blood pumped through it, was hard to watch as the seams from the scars would bulge and some places even small squirts of blood oozed out with each pump. The pulse and tempo of the beat were very evident. At times, there would be a pause or sometimes a skip of a beat as the heart became more sluggish when the loss of blood had brought its volume down. It was cold and numb and exhausted. The very life was slowly draining out of me a few drops at a time.

Seeing this, and hearing me cry out to Him, God in His compassion, tenderly, with His huge hands reached down and picked up my limp, tired heart. It seemed to relax at His gentle touch. Held for a brief moment still and then slowly massaged and caressed so it could again gain warmth and feeling…the heart began to take on a new look, it glistened where there was once leathery seams of scars; they were erased by His touch. Faint white lines where the bulging seams once were now remained. These only served as reminders of His ability to heal and restore. The faint scar lines, when looked into the fine print of them, you can read, “I will strengthen your heart, Susan. I will put in you a new heart. I will restore your heart.” (Be of good courage, And I shall strengthen your heart, As you, Susan, hope in the LORD. Psalm 31:24) (He gives power to the weak, And to those who have no might He increases strength. Isaiah 40:29) The designs upon the newly formed heart now looked feminine and lacy….pretty, not abused. The heart was also filled up with His Precious Blood to the capacity it needed to pump generously. It began to pump with new life and vigor as it was created to be sending it surges throughout my entire emotional system. --I could feel again! Vague, sporadic pains reminded me that I needed to recover and rest from the “heart surgery” that was just performed. So rest in His arms I did…and still am. During this recovery time, my once ripped-apart heart, now mended is resembling a new, whole heart.

I will continue to apply God’s Word as medicine to cause it to stay in repair. I will listen to His Spirit speak life into my heart, building up with strength so that I can again run with full force. Wholeness, fresh joy and peace preside over this heart of mine.
Thank You, Father, for restoration and rejuvenation to wholeness.
Your “whole-hearted” daughter, Susan : )

I wrote this as an act of faith that I would someday be completely whole!! And that someday is today!!

I plan on purchasing a Shield for both of my children as the funds are available. I know the Shield has made an impact on my life and it will on theirs also.
I want to share these wonderful Shields with everyone I know!

Susan : )

Susan B, Michigan


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