Lori Tierney, Business Executive, speaks about her experience wearing the BioElectric Shield

Skeptic embraces EMF Protection Pendant...how it happened.

emf protection shield How do you turn an eye-rolling skeptic into a believer? First you let them figure it out slowly on their own. No pushing, no sales pitch, just making the information and the product available should they get curious.

My husband is the self-described original eye-rolling skeptic. He's not going to fall for anything woo-woo or even particularly healthy. Even after being together four years, he'd shown zero interest in the Shield. I think he may have asked me once what it was all about. No curiosity at all, in fact he made fun of my attachment to my Shield. (I've been wearing one since 1994 and think it's absolutely vital for my own health and well-being, but that's another story)

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