Dr. Martin Tests Shield for Radiation Protection

Kerri and Pam’s Story – Part I
Kerri and her Mother Pam, had a very close mother-daughter relationship .Years ago, Pam, the Mother, wrote a wonderful book The Breast Stays Put , after she cured herself naturally of breast using an all natural approach. She was clear for years. She wore a custom Shield and found that it gave her great peace as well as excellent protection from EMF's. Meanwhile, her daughter, Kerri, who lives in the same town with her, has purchased shields for her entire family, and offered strong support to her Mother, who recently passed away.

Testing with the QXCI Machine
From an earlier time, Kerri shared the following report, “recently I dropped my Mom off for a QXCI treatment, and then proceeded to visit my chiropractor, since they are in the same building. Dr. Martin was asking how my Mom was and I started telling him about her very high sensitivity to EMF, wireless, etc. He uses NAET, a treatment which is where they muscle test you with vials that have frequencies of things, such as foods, allergens, etc. and then clear them for a 24 hour period and your body no longer has trouble dealing with whatever it was.”

“So I told him how well I have done with my shield and that my back has not gone out once since I have been wearing it in December and that mom had a personal one on the way. I have had some weak moments, but it always turns around within a few days. Truly AMAZING…”
“ I now have more of a load than I ever have. Penelope just turned 2, is healthy and strong! Ella is 4 and my mom is dealing with major health issues so I have no spare time these days. Also, I have started making homemade beet kvass, kefir, whey, kombucha. I am doing all this and I have a small business out of my home as well.This would be a prime setup for my back to go out to where I would be on painkillers and really suffering.”

Dr. Martin Tests the Shield- Part II

“Dr. Martin says, ‘We have a radiation vial that we can do on your mom and he says, I want to see something, lets test you for it.’ So he did and I was as strong as can be with muscle testing and I looked at him and said, "I am wearing my shield though."

He said, ‘okay, lets take it off.’ So we did and I failed!! He did it over and over again. I knew my Shield was working for me, but it was so cool to hold a vial of radiation and be as strong as can be with the shield on and then have it off and fail every time he tested me. Needless to say he was impressed. I WAS VERY IMPRESSED!!”

“And how encouraging these words were for my mom. So I went back to her in the QXCI room and told them.
I do not think that she can fully anticipate what that Shield is going to do for her. This is going to be over the top!!!”

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How do you choose the right EMF and Energy Protection for yourself?

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