Chiropractic Physicians - Dr. John Donofrio, D.A.B.C.N. and Dr. Yvonne YuRichko, D.A.B.C.N.

Dr.Jon.DonofrioDoctor John C. Donofrio is reknowned in the chiropractic profession for his expertise in a advanced field of Chiropractic Neurology. Jon travels worldwide training other doctors in this field. Dr. YuRichko conducted 2 of the original double-blind studies, proving to themselves, the public, and to us, that the effects of the Shield were not placebo effects. (see the research)

Dr. Donofrio, because his domestic and international teaching duties, travels constantly and has commented that he no longer suffers from the jet lag and exhaustion that he had before he started wearing the Shield.

Dr. YuRichko continues to recommend the Shield for her patients.

You could say they are our first and steadfast distributors. We appreciate their professional contribution to the research done on the Shield.

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How do you choose the right EMF and Energy Protection for yourself?

  • Review your lifestyle - how much are you exposed to EMF or negative energy? Your lifestyle and your level of sensitivity to EMF or other energies (people, places) determine which Level of Protection you need to truly take care of your body. This chart will help you choose.
  • Do you have special issues or considerations? Eg. ADD, ADHD, international Shields, babies, children and more.
  • Want some help choosing? Take advantage of our free photo analysis.


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