IT'S IN THE 70s at BioElectric ShieldTemperature70s


  • 75% of Shield wearer's report increased focus
  • 73% say they feel an increased sense of calm and peace
  • 77% have more energy and/or less computer fatigue
  • 70% of people with SAD report reduced symptoms, even periods of severe happiness and joy.
  • 71% feel that relationships and interactions with others have improved or gotten easier.

And these are just the people who noticeably felt a difference and let us know what changed. We haven't even come close to listing all the ways the Shield has affected and touched people's lives.

Are you ready to experience life in the 70s?

Try a BioElectric Shield Today.

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Note: the above statistics represent the most common noticeable experiences of Shield wearers since 1990. Not every one feels a noticeable difference, but even it you don't feel the difference, the Shield is still working for you below the level of your conscious awareness.

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