Let's Celebrate the Holidays with the 12 Days of Christmas EMF Accessory Sale!

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This is a special email subscription that will provide you with one email per day for 12 Days starting December 6th. Each email will feature ONE of our EMF accessories that will be on sale for a whopping 20% off for that one day only! Your email will give you the coupon code for that item for that one day.

There is no limit on how many of that item you can purchase on the sale day. Coupon codes will only work for the accessory on the one day they are on sale. 

We will feature a holiday Shield Sale concurrently with the accessory sale, but please order these items separately as our shopping cart only accepts one coupon code at a time.

PS -This email subscription does not sign you up for our regular EMF Tips Newsletter. If you would like to subscribe to EMF Tips,Click here

PSS - We recognize that many religious events occur during December, as well as other months of the year. We are not attempting to exclude anyone, rather, we wanted a fun way to offer all of you extra savings during this holiday season with 12 days of savings! The 12 Days of Christmass idea comes from the very popular holiday song - want to hear it? Click here

Sign up for the 12 Days of Christmas & save up to 20% on Accessories!

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