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1 - Essential EMF Protection

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Ideal Protection for rooms, cars, infants, young children or pets

Level 1 Shields are perfect for non- to low-use computer users, infants, children or pets. For yourself, if you have very low exposure to EMF, a Level 1 Shield will support your body as you navigate out in public where others are using their cell phones (mobiles), or a wireless network is active.

emf protection from wimax cityFor infants or young children: Level 1 Shields are perfectly suited for providing protection for infants or children because we recommend you simply hang in the room where they sleep. A Room Shield will keep the majority of EMF out of the bedroom whenever they sleep (if they are still in the bed or next to the bed with you, the Room Shield will clear the room for all of you.). It is well known that development occurs during sleep, so this is the key time to keep them protected. During the day, we want them to be exposed to the electromagnetic frequencies of their environment so that they can develop a healthy immunity to EMF frequencies.

If your child is quite sensitive, please give us a call. We may suggest that you use a Level 2 Shield as a room Shield, adding a home protection system or even have them keep a Shield by their bed at night. Often, we suggest you take advantage of our free photo analysis. A specific Shield will be recommended, depending on their sensitivity and school environment (WiFi, for example).

When your child starts using computers at school, or is using a tablet at home , moving up to a Level 2 is recommended.

For pets: Please see our pet shield section.

  • Each Shield provides them with protection from electromagnetic radiation as well as any negative energy from other people or stressful situations.
  • Every BioElectric Shield balances and strengthens their bodies, to the level of their DNA, supporting optimum health.
  • ADD/ADHD/Focusing Challenge? Read about our ADD/ADHD Focusing Shields or indigo children  too. (These are Level 2 Shields)
  • Need help choosing?


You want EMF protection for yourself, baby, or young children.

Smart meter EMF Protection

You want to protect your family in a media room, bedroom.

EMF protection inside any vehicle, especially recommended for hybrid cars.


Level 1 Protection is for babies or children. Also excellent for media rooms, bedrooms, and cars.

Perfect if you rarely use a computer or cell phone use and simply want to be protected in WiFi zones (malls, restaurants,etc.)

Please consult our How to Choose A Shield page- which lists Shields for Children, ADD/ADHD or Indigo Children, as well as for Rooms and Cars.

Deflects EMF and other unhealthy energies from a room or car.

Hang within 2-3 feet of your baby or child as they sleep. After a few days of sleeping next to the Shield, the Shield has woven a protective cocoon around them, which continues to work even when they away from the Shield.

Hang on the wall opposite any smart meter or utility meter.

Hang anywhere in your car - can snug up against rearview mirror to prevent movement.


The brass shield is our entry level Shield. It's great for a nursery, young children, or to clear EMF from any room or your car.

Used often cars, media rooms, bedrooms, or next to a sleeping child.

Excellent when placed opposite a Smart Meter.

* As observed by individuals who can see energy fields to the cellular level. Research has confirmed their observations regarding the performance of the Shield. Individual results vary. Read customer experiences.

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1004-R-EMF Protection for Entire Room or Car Protect anyone in the room or motor vehicle - your children and your pets. Will neutralize EMF and harmonize energy for 30' from the Shield location. Product Details
1004-S Level 1: All Brass - Satin- with Polishing Kit The all Brass BioElectric Shield is ideal for babies, children and pets. This Shield comes with a polishing kit. Chain Not included Product Details
1004-P Level 1: All Brass Polished- with Polishing Cloth The all Brass Shield is an excellent multi-purpose Shield, providing protection from all types of electromagnetic radiation as well as negative energy. This Shield comes with a polishing cloth. Product Details
Shield Pouch for Belt or Pet Collar The belt pouch offers a convenient, secure way to hold your Shield without wearing it around your neck. Ideal for anyone who doesn't like wearing necklaces. It can also be used for your pet. Product Details
International Matrix If you live outside of the USA or Canada, your Shield needs an international crystal matrix. The cost is added to whatever style you choose. This is not an actual Shield and can only be chosen as an ADD ON to a Shield order. Product Details
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Shield Reviews

“I seem to have weathered a 10-hour time change with a minimum of jet lag in both directions. While I am getting a lot less sleep per night, my energy has not flagged. My thinking is clear, and calm, not irritable. During the last 2 months I have been closely exposed to many people who have had colds and flu. In spite of being extremely busy, in spite of having taken a grueling trip to Israel and back, and in spite of having to endure a difficult and stressful home life, I have not had one day of illness since wearing the Shield. I am flabbergasted!”
- S. Bayne, Attorney/Mother, CA, USA

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