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We've devoted an entire website category to Electromagnetic Sensitivity - there's just so much information and research now available (finally) it deserves it's own page.

Millions Affected by the Mysterious Symptoms of a Silent Epidemic - Electromagnetic sensitivity
Millions of people all over the world have developed the painful and devastating illness of Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) as a direct result of massive global electromagnetic pollution. Break Speak Medical reports Electromagnetic Sensitivity affects 1 in 1,000 right now! Other researchers predict that within 10 years that will be a stunning 1 in 4!! Read More


This is the most comprehensive discussion on the subject we've found yet.

A major new report on EMF (electromagnetic fields), the BioInitiative Report, has been produced and published by David Carpenter and Cindy Sage. Lou Slesin, editor of the authoritative Microwave News website, greeted it this way: August 29... An international group of researchers has thrown down the gauntlet. The BioInitiative Working Group is challenging the EMF power structure to set much stricter exposure standards for power lines, cell phones, cell towers and other sources of electromagnetic radiation. "'Business as usual' is unacceptable," says David Carpenter, the director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at New York's University of Albany, on releasing the working group's extensive report. Its general conclusion is that there are many biological effects at levels that are well below current standards and that the "existing safety limits are inadequate to protect public health." Carpenter and Cindy Sage, a consultant based in Santa Barbara, California, coordinated the BioInitiative group and edited the report.
Among the group's key recommendations are:
a 1mG limit for homes where children and/or pregnant women live;
a "precautionary limit" of 0.1μW/cm² (0.6V/m) for RF exposures where "people live, work and go to school."

These proposed levels are on the order of 1,000 times more stringent than current limits adopted by ICNIRP (International Commission on Non- Ionizing Radiation Protection) and the IEEE's ICES (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety). All 21 sections of the report are available as free downloads from the BioInitiative website at www.bioinitiative.org. Michael Lerner, Founding Partner

The BioInitiative Report and Recommendations

How many cell towers are near you? How to protect yourself...


Have you ever thought about how many cell towers surround you? If you live in a busy suburb you may be surprised to find out just how many there are close by. You can go to www.antennasearch.com You may be completely amazed at the proliferation of towers. The first line of defense for you and your family is always a BioElectric Shield. The Shield provides protection from EMFs and other unhealthy energies where ever you are. If you want to add a little extra protection for yourself, your family and your guests, you can add a Room Shield to the most used rooms in your house (or better yet, every room). Many people have reported feeling a greater sense of ease and positivity in their homes after hanging the deflectors.


EMFs from Electric Wiring & Appliances a factor in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)?
Pollution of all types affects the body - pollution we can smell, see and hear. One of the more controversial pollutants, however, is entirely invisible: electromagnetic fields (EMFs). While we may live a long, healthy life with no ill effects from electromagnetic fields, if we are unwell these fields could be a factor working against our recovery. In the first instance they should be kept to a minimum in order to give the body the best chance of healing. There are ways the fields can be detected and measured and steps can be taken to reduce the exposure in the home and work environment.
Article on EMF from Electric Wiring

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Caused by EMF?
"About 70% of withdrawn children have chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) with reduced blood flow to the brain," Dr. Ogawa noted that about 80% of his CFS patients were frequent users on a daily basis of cellular phones, personal computers, TV games and other IT devices, and decided to conduct a clinical investigation into a possible cause-effect relationship of cellular phones and desktop-style personal computers to CFS, a "poorly understood condition" in which general clinical tests show no abnormalities.
Read more details at


Increase In Autism
In round terms, for every two children registered through IDEA with autism in 1992-93, there were almost eleven by 1999-2000.From the Department of Education annual reports to the US Congress

What's More Important – Your Cell Phone or Your Brain?
Don’t Become Another Addicted Cell Phone Statistic!
“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer


Is using a cell phone safe? There is no simple answer to this. The answer is : Yes and No. Cell phones emit varying amounts of radiation, so the healthy approach is to lessen your exposure to radiation. When safety labs test cell phones they measure them to see how much radio frequency level is absorbed by the body, and this is known as the SAR, the specific absorption rate. Courtesy of CNET, we have a list of phones with both high and low SAR readings. First, you can choose a cell phone that has a low SAR reading to lessen your SAR exposure. Second, Shield yourself. A BioElectric Shield will deflect a significant portion of SAR. Finally, add specific protection on every radiation item you own.

The Cell Tolls for Thee
The truth about the cell-phone–cancer link and what it means for you and your kids

When Vini Khurana, PhD, an Australian (and Mayo Clinic–trained) neurosurgeon, announced that the link between cell-phone use and cancer was irrefutable--the result of his analysis of more than 100 studies--it set off alarm bells around the world. Use a cell phone, he said, and you increase your risk of developing a malignant brain tumor by two to four times.

The Bioinitiative Working Group Report
The Bioinitiative Working Group, an international coalition of scientists and public-health experts, recently published a hefty report detailing the link between non-ionizing radiation caused by a cell phone's electromagnetic fields (EMF) and cancer, DNA damage, Alzheimer's, and other diseases.

Experts Revive Debate Over Cellphones and Cancer

Some doctors say the real concern is not older cell phone users, who began using phones as adults, but children who are beginning to use phones today and face a lifetime of exposure.

Testimony at Congress - Scientists debate possible cell phone link to brain cancer
Studies have indicated that long-term cell phone use may be associated with brain cancer, according to Dr. Ronald Herberman, director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, and Dr. David Carpenter, director of Institute for Health and the Environment at University of Albany. They both testified in front of the House Subcommittee on Domestic Policy.

Cell Phones And Wireless Dangers - The Fundamentals
Wireless internet access is set to blanket the planet, just like cell phone networks already do. There has been an explosive development - practically all during the last three decades - that brought mobile to the farthest corners of the earth. But the technology is not without danger. The microwaves that carry bits and packets of data also carry a germ of destruction. Some people - as many as 120,000 Californians - and by implication 1 million Americans - are actually unable to work as they suffer from the incapacitating influence that this cacophony in the ether has on them.

Using mobile phones for more than 10 years 'doubles risk of brain cancer'
Researchers found that long-term users had double the chance of getting a malignant tumor on the side of the brain where they held the handset.

Cell Phones and Cancer, Congress Wants Answers
Top Scientists Asked to Testify Before Congress

The mere question is controversial: Could your cell phone cause cancer?
A leading cancer expert says cell phones increase the risk of brain cancer.
Years of studies have yielded conflicting results, and there is no consensus among scientists about the degree of cancer risk, if any, cell phone use could cause.
In an effort to clear up the issue, this week Congress is asking some of the nation's top doctors and scientists to testify to their findings.

Brain cancer linked to youngsters using cellphones
By Sarah Schmidt, Canwest News Service March 16, 2009

An oncologist from Sweden's University Hospital found that after one or more years of cellphone use, there is a 5.2-fold elevated risk of malignant brain tumour in children who begin using mobile phones before the age of 20 years; the odds for other ages was 1.4.


What is ElectroSensitivity?
A unhealthy sensitivity (or sensitivities) to a particular source of electricity, for example mobile phones, computers, power lines or even minor electrical equipment. Symptoms are wide-ranging and can include skin problems, headaches, fatigue, fainting, light sensitivity, heart problems and much more. Electrical HyperSensitivity is a name given to those who are severely affected.

Scientists debate possible cell phone to lower sperm count lower sperm motility.
• Cleveland Clinic: Phones left on talk mode in pockets can hurt quality of sperm
• Semen samples from 32 men were used in the study published Thursday
• Researchers found increase in oxidative stress in sperm exposed to cells

Electronic Smog Are you affected by ElectroSensitivity?
Invisible "smog" created by the electricity that powers our civilization, is giving children cancer, causing miscarriages and suicides and making some people allergic to modern life, new scientific evidence reveals.

New Problems with Cell Phones and EMF
Are cell phones linked to - Sleep problems, Corneal Damage, Behavioral Changes, sperm count, fatigue, irritability, hypertension, allergies, tinnitus, Autism, CFS , Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Alzheimer's, genetic changes caused by EMF

Effects of radio frequency electromagnetic Wages on Semen
Can your cell phone affect your fertility?

Dr. Neil Cherry research – using a cell phone alters brain activity.
Cherry (2002) predicted that since electrical workers and physiotherapists are occupationally exposed to electromagnetic fields that are about a million times higher than the Schumann Resonance signal, would have higher rates of cancer, cardiac reproductive and neurological effects. It is scientifically sensible and proven that placing a cellular telephone next to your head, producing a signal around a billion times stronger than the Schumann Resonance signal, causes serious alterations of brain activity, leading to elevated rates of a road accidents, headaches, nausea, dizziness, loss of concentration and memory,

The Electromagnetic Radiation
Health Threat - Part I
Dr. Neil Cherry
Have you thought seriously about the threat to our health posed by electromagnetic radiation, through equipment used at work, frequent use of cell phones or cordless phones, microwaves, many household appliances or overhead transmission lines? Do you think that it is too complicated and that it is best to leave it to the experts?

The Electromagnetic Radiation
Health Threat - Part II
Dr. Neil Cherry
In the second article Dr Cherry
discusses the international reaction to research on this question and how people can be protected from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation.

The Electromagnetic Radiation
Health Threat - Part III
Dr. Neil Cherry
Can Chronic Low Levels of EMF cause health risks?

There is now a block of solid evidence supporting the view that there are health risks for those exposed to EMR. Up until the late 1980s there were about six thousand papers produced looking at the thermal effects from EMR. Very few papers looked at chronic low levels of radio frequency exposure

Dr. Neil Cherry presented evidence that utility workers at risk

Dr. Neil Cherry presented evidence that utility workers in the Substation and maintaining the powerlines are acutely and chronically at risk of serious health effects. People who live or work in the vicinity of the substation or the high voltage line are also significantly at risk, including children who will reside within the zone where the induced magnetic field is around 1 mG or higher. Everyperson is at risk of neurological effect from living, working or going to school in fields of 0.2 mG or more, a 22 % increase in suicide risk
Read more

NIEHS REPORT on Health Effects from Exposure to Power-Line Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields

Compiled and commented by Rigmor Granlund-Lind and John Lind This is the missing part of the official RALF

Cell Phones and Male Fertility

Men who use mobile phones face increased risk of infertility
A new study shows a worrying link between poor sperm and the number of hours a day that a man uses his mobile phone.

Do Cell Phones Affect Sperm Quality?
In a study led by researchers from The Cleveland Clinic, men who used their cell phones the most had poorer sperm quality than those who used them the least.

Cell Phone Use Linked to Male Infertility

Hands-Free Calls May Expose Sperm to Radiation

Radiation exposure due to wireless Internet-Networks (WLAN)

Wireless networks have experienced a large expansion in recent years. Already in
2005 there were more Notebooks than Desktop-Computers sold in the European
Union, most of them with an inbuilt WLAN-Chip.