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Cell Phone Protection: WaveShield Slim Silver
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Cell Phone Protection: WaveShield Slim Silver

Price per Unit (piece): $19.95

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WaveShield Slim Silver

The WaveShield fits on both cell and cordless phones and is attached by placing it over the earpiece opening on both cell and cordless phones. It features a soft comfort cushion design that adheres to the ear piece of any cellular phone and acts as a cellular protection system.

The patented material effectively blocks up to 97% of the radiation which passes through the earpiece and into the ear canal which is a direct conduit to the brain.

Because the ear has the highest absorption rate for radiation in the body at 94% it is essential that this radiation is not permitted to enter the ear canal as most new information is clearly pointing to the area inside the ear near the aural nerve or at the end of the ear canal as the place where most new incidences of brain tumors are growing.

There are dozens of different types of cell phones. Some have one internal antenna others have multiple internal antennas for cell, WiFi and GPS functions. When we do our testing we scan the most popular phones and are able to identify where the antennas are and we are also able to measure exactly what is coming out of the earpiece. Rest assured that whatever is coming out of the earpiece will be reduced to almost nothing as our patented WaveShield material blocks and deflects radiation effectively! (Read more)

Comes with our highest recommendation for specific protection for your ear when using mobile phone, Bluetooth and laptop screen (one for each corner). Small size makes it fit even a small Bluetooth.

Simply lift out the inside card in the box, peel off the WaveShield and place directly over the speaker where you place your ear to hear your call. It will never wear out since it is a metal mesh type of material.

  • Use with all cellular phones - both flip and flat phones
  • You can also place these on Bluetooth headsets
  • Motorola Razor requires 2 of these - one on either side of the speaker. All others require just 1 unit
  • Attaches in seconds. Place it right over the speaker where you place your ear. (for iPhone, see photo below)
  • Will not affect reception

The Global Certification Lab measured the microwave emissions from a cellular telephone and found that the WaveShield may reduce the strength of electromagnetic field emissions from cellphone earpieces by as much as 50-97% depending on the cell phone model.

waveshield1000slim_t.pngComment from our staff: If you are deciding the best way to protect yourself from cell phone radiation, we strongly recommend that you first get a BioElectric Shield, and then add this accessory. Our experience of the device is that its effectiveness is not quite as high as they claim, but in combination with the Shield, you then receive excellent protection.

Shown here with iPhone 5, and several other popular phones including iPhone 4 and Blackberry.

You have to be careful in placement - but it IS doable.

iPhone5 with WaveShield







How the WaveShield Works- Directly from the Manufacturer

The vast majority of electromagnetic (EMF) radiation emitted by cellular and cordless phones comes from the antenna and parts of the phone other than the ear piece. Wave shield products have no effect on this electromagnetic energy. They may reduce the strength of electromagnetic-field emissions from cell phone ear pieces by as much as 50-97% depending on the cell phone model. This design is especially useful for those of you who have a razor phone. Based on the design of the ear piece of most razor phones, I suggest the use of 2 slims. - Dr. Jim

Question: How was the WaveShield tested? Answer: The WaveShield products were tested by a U.S. government FCC listed lab on several phone models with the following results. WaveShield series 1000 for cell phones and series 3000 for cordless phones block up to 97% of the radiation from entering the inner ear - most of the reports of tumors related to cell phone use have been found behind the ear, the area with the highest level of radiation in the body. Thus, testing was only on radiation entering the inner ear.

Response to the WHO (World Health Organization) announcement: “The use of commercial devices for reducing radiofrequency field exposure has not been shown to be effective.”

WaveShield has never maintained since its inception that we alter, modify, harmonize or otherwise render harmless the non ionizing radiation from cell and cordless telephones unlike all of our competition that sell stickers, buttons and cases.

What the WaveShield does is block the radiation from coming out of the earpiece which then passes into the ear, through the ear canal and on into the brain.

IN 2002 when the FTC in the USA shut down all of the manufacturers marketing bogus anti radiation devices they allowed WaveShield to remain in business until today as our test results from accredited FCC labs showed that what we claimed was in fact the truth. We will continue to educate the public about the potential dangers and health risks and exactly what needs to be done to reduce the risk.radiofrequency field exposure has not been shown to be effective.”





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