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Beaded Chains

Beaded Necklaces to Add style and additional energetics


Imagine wearing your Shield as part of a stylish ensemble that will bring additional healing properties to you as you look beautiful and stylish.

Beaded necklaces can also be worn with an "enhancer" hook that allows you to attach your Shield to the beaded chain. Enhancers will fit on a beaded chain or even a string of pearls. FocusedManifestation-SSShieldLtBackYou can also wear your beaded chain alone, or with another pendant.

Gemstones have been worn for centuries, and over the years, certain properties are now associated with particular gems. Many are said to provide additional emotional balancing and stability. You will look great, and feel great too!

Do you want to add more color to your life? Are you wanting more clarity, focus, balance, abundance, and joy in your life? The natural gemstones all have qualities that work beautifully with the Shield to enhance your energy in specific areas. Prices start at about the price (actually less than) you'd pay for a silver chain.

Attention Owners of the Old Style Shield: You know who you are, you purchased your Shield before 1994 and have been wearing it ever since. The old Shields without tabs have a loop on the back that is smaller than the beaded chains, or a lot of heavier chains. You can now use the Enhancers with these Shields and wear with any of the beaded chains or other necklaces you own.

Length - Most people tend to wear their Shields on the beaded chains a bit shorter than on a regular chain. I've designed the beaded chains to hang between throat and heart (high-heart chakra). Gemstone portion of necklace is 16”, with chain it’s Adjustable 16-22"
If you want a longer or shorter size, email me for availability and price,

SilverEnhanceronAgateNecklace-w-Inset800newEnhancer - Hooks: I have custom designed these hooks to securely hold the Shield. Simply hook over most gemstone or pearl necklaces, and add your Shield or other pendant. These are made of 18ga wire in either 14k gold filled, Sterling Silver, or Coated Art Wire (to start with I'm showing with the antique bronze wire, but could get funky with colors like purple, blue, hot pink, green).

Hooks are designed so that the "hook" the Shield fits on is fairly long and can actually slightly hook behind itself for very secure wearing and enjoyment.

Shown at Left: Necklace with Sterling Silver Enhancer and Gold Tab Polished BioShield.

Consulting - I'm happy to consult with you on what choices will help you achieve your goals. Looking for a particular color, stone or healing property? Email me, AnnaMariah "Carolyn" Nau, founder of her own jewelry company Bold Bodacious Jewelry, at and I will put something together for you. I have an additional 30 or more natural gemstones in all colors and a variety of shapes just waiting to be created into beautiful jewelry.

If you're looking for something more substantial or creative, check out my Energy Shield Necklaces.

(Shown above is "Focused Manifestation" - If you’re feeling like you can’t quite get a handle on the chaos around you, smoky quartz and onyx are reputed to help. They also are said to help absorb excess EMF radiation and negativity. Since Shields are deflecting 90% and more, these stones are just a little additional assistance if we are to believe their reputation in this area. Many people swear by the benefits of various stones - you can decide for yourself. In any case, you'll have something that looks and feels wonderful.




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Inner Vision-Gold Open throat and brow chakras, say just the right thing, as if by magic. Product Details
Empath's Ease Beaded Chain Balances entire system - it comes in like a soft breeze that blows away anger, frustration, confusion and stress. Product Details
Visionary Discernment-1 Brings forth spiritual knowledge and the soul's riches. Product Details
Mental Enhancement The combined properties of Jasper and Hematite make this an excellent choice if you need to do a lot of mental gymnastics during the day. Product Details
Empath's Bridge of Vision Tubes Beaded Chain Kyanite and lapis is a powerful combination in clarifying your vision, helping you remember the truth of who you are, balancing patterns and bringing your energy into cohesion. Product Details
Confident Ambition Are you ambitious and longing for success in business, then wear citrine and goldstone together. Product Details
Empath's Vision Squared Kyanite and lapis is a powerful combination in clarifying your vision, helping you remember the truth of who you are, balancing patterns and bringing your energy into cohesion. Product Details
Courageous Voice Do you need to find the courage to speak your inner truth and achieve personal independence, then this is an excellent choice for you. Product Details
Enhancer-Hook Sterling Wear your Shield with your favorite pearls or strand necklace. Product Details
Enhancer-Hook "Bronze" Turn any strand necklace into a beaded chain. Simply hook over most gemstone or pearl necklaces, and add your Shield or other pendant. Product Details
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Shield Reviews

“I seem to have weathered a 10-hour time change with a minimum of jet lag in both directions. While I am getting a lot less sleep per night, my energy has not flagged. My thinking is clear, and calm, not irritable. During the last 2 months I have been closely exposed to many people who have had colds and flu. In spite of being extremely busy, in spite of having taken a grueling trip to Israel and back, and in spite of having to endure a difficult and stressful home life, I have not had one day of illness since wearing the Shield. I am flabbergasted!”
- S. Bayne, Attorney/Mother, CA, USA

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