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Health, Stress & Life

You Can Reduce Your Overall Toxic Load

BodyBurdenWhat is a body burden and how can it be harming you?

You Can Live a More Positive, Authentic Energized Life..read what experts are advising

  • We talk a lot about electromagnetic radiation and other people's stress and negativity, but there are some other factors that you should be aware of.
  • We are exposed to multiple toxins and other factors that add to the burden our body is attempting to carry.
  • Each layer of this burden reduces our body's ability to heal itself naturally and exposes us to more illness and stress.There are many factors that affect us in our daily lives.
There are many factors that affect us in our daily lives.

All these articles can help you reduce your overall body burden, read more about what constitutes this body burden.

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Title Hits
"Brain Food" Prevents Alzheimer's Hits: 1868
- You're Bombarded by Fear - How is it Affecting your life? Hits: 17685
22 Secrets to Reduce Your Stress Hits: 2701
5 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life Hits: 451
Another Swin Flu Pandemic is Sweeping Britain Hits: 1699
Are you a Quester? Do you dare to change? Hits: 1386
Are You Broken? NO! Hits: 1115
Are you Going With the Flow, or are you trying to Push the River? Hits: 494
Are you Pursuing Happiness or Experiencing it? Hits: 707
Are You Stuck? Or are You Waiting for Inspiration? Hits: 646
Autism, Brain Damage Linked to Flu Shots Hits: 1380
Be in the Know, Get the Newsletter - Travel Version Hits: 222
Beat Fatigue with 10 Energy Tips Hits: 3164
Body Piercings Can Mess Up Your Energy Field Hits: 479
Boost Brain Function with Coconut | Prevent Alzheimer's Hits: 1667
Can Laughter Be As Good As Exercise? Hits: 1987
Cell Phone & Laptop Use Linked to Male Infertility Hits: 1411
Create the Life You Want through Powerful Visualization Techniques Hits: 2091
Deflecting Negativity - Letting in the Love Hits: 1219
Did you know you can make a positive change in the world just by being you? Hits: 419
DNA Sperm Damage occurs when men use-WiFi connected laptops Hits: 657
Do you Just Click "Next" When You See a Scary Headline? Hits: 380
Dream It Do Baby Steps to Giant Leaps Hits: 3902
Dream It. Do It. - Vision Board Hits: 6204
EHug Someone Today Hits: 1549
Expand Possibility: Fill with Curiosity, Play and Discovery! Hits: 369
FOLLOW YOUR BLISS! “New age” good for health and business Hits: 415
Forgiveness - Who's in the Center of Your Circle Hits: 1441
Friendship Can Promote Better Health Hits: 3059
Getting Personal Clarity Hits: 2185
Holiday Tips: Change Stress to Enjoyment Hits: 638
How Can A Smile Help You Live Longer? Hits: 2123
How Can You Change the World Hits: 753
How Can You Get Through the Holidays With More Ease? Hits: 2349
How Can you Set Your Life on Fire? Hits: 5441
How to Catch a Flu or Cold Hits: 924
How to Do What You Love Hits: 4416
Humor Keeps You Healthy Hits: 2008
Inspiration: The Power of Intention Hits: 402
Is it a Good Idea to Get Flu Shots at Grocery Store? Hits: 885
Is Your Health Affected by These 6 Common Modern Gadgets? Hits: 1350
It's Simple and Easy to Be Happy Hits: 1214
Keep The Doctor Away - Just Laugh Hits: 1920
Kulula the Airline with a Sense of Humor Hits: 1404
LapTop Danger, the New Addiction May Be Harming You Hits: 1444
Let Spring Inspire Your Dreams Hits: 1424
Life-Affirming Choices and Balance Hits: 783
Live a More Empowered Life Hits: 464
Mind Power - What the Mind Can Conceive - You Can Achieve Hits: 3266
No More Foggy Brain. Hits: 994
Pay it Forward Hits: 370
Pinterest Humor Postings Hits: 661
Random Acts of Kindness Bring Back our Humanity. Hits: 538
Real Time Radiation Monitor Info Hits: 1690
Reduce Stress - Using a little imagination can change your biochemistry! Hits: 1251
Rev Up Your Happiness Quotient Hits: 1091
Risk of Pandemic Increased by Flu Vaccines Hits: 2248
Shopping with Intention: Giving What Only You Can Give Hits: 448
Stay Healthy: Doctor's 12 Secrets for Optimum Health during Flu and Cold Season Hits: 4368
Stress with Co-Workers May be more than just about personalities Hits: 688
The Charles Schulz Philosophy Hits: 1251
Tips for a Relaxing Vacation - Not one you need to recover from Hits: 1958
Too much to do – too little time? Try these Adrenal Stress Solutions! Hits: 540
Top 10 Steps to a Successful Life Hits: 1808
Valentine EMF Protection for the One you Love Hits: 1043
What Can You Do to Make Your Life Better? Hits: 417
What is a body burden and how can it be harming you? Hits: 2539
What's killing you today? Do you care Or have you gone numb? Hits: 905
What's Stopping You from Doing What You Want to Do In Life? Hits: 5005
Why do doctors, therapists, coaches & healers wear and recommend the BioElectric Shield to their patients/clients? Hits: 283
Winter Health and Beauty: Energy from Within Hits: 431

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