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Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Are you already a victim of the next big epidemic?

Upwards of 30% are affected and don't know it!

  • Up to 6% of the world's population (millions of people) have been diagnosed with electromagnetic sensitivity illness. (also called EMS or ESS)
  • Your symptoms may be caused by EMF Sensitivity
  • If your doctor told you -it’s “All in your head, quit worrying about it” - Read on.  
  • Many EMF Sensitives are also highly sensitive to other people's stress, negativity and fear.

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

The very technology that makes our lives easier in many ways may also be making you sick, exhausted, unfocused, stressed, out of sorts - and that's just for starters. Read Electromagnetic Sensitivity - The Silent Epidemic


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Would you like to focus on solutions now? We have a bunch of them for you!!

Free Analysis of Your Energy Field (Aura) by our consultants

Free Photo Analysis will give you more information about your level of energy sensitivity. Our Occupational Therapist will call or email you back with energy protection suggestions which can lessen or even eliminate your symptoms. Our consultants are able to see energy to the cellular level because of the shape of the lens in their eyes. It's been passed through the generations for the past 500+ years. Read more on the photo analysis page.

Choose Energy Protection

Energy Protection Guide! We have created a chart that will guide you to choose the right level of protection for your lifestyle and energy sensitivity. Once you protect our body, then we suggest you shield your electronics, and then your home. Go to our Buyer's Guide for links to these solutions.

Want to hear how life is better for others? Read testimonials.

Testimonials and Stories Since 1990, Shield customers have given us an amazing array of positive feedback on how much better their quality of life is by wearing a Shield. You can read for yourself what others are saying. There are videos, stories, audio-tapes and written accounts.