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How Are You Sleeping Lately? EMF, Light Pollution and Your Health

Light Pollution EMF and Your Health

We need darkness to sleep, and we need healthy sleep to restore our systems. But according to University of Bristol scientist Denis Henshaw, EMF and the constant stimulation of artificial light may interfere with our resting, or circadian rhythms. Whether we light our nights with TVs or IPads that lull us to sleep or simply never escape the light pollution from street lamps and other outside sources, our systems are saturated 24/7.

“There’s a small but detailed literature demonstrating that Magnetic Fields interfere with the action of pineal cells in synthesizing melatonin.” Translation: our human light reaction threshold is sensitive to EMF. If we get over-stimulated, we don’t produce enough of the antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer agents we need to stay healthy. (From Henshaw’s 2012 paper) Continue reading

Autism, Heavy Metal Toxicity and Electromagnetic Radiation – Is there a Connection?

Brain cells are destroyed by toxins

Brain cells are destroyed by toxins

Most of us either know someone who either has a child with autism, Asperger’s syndrome or related developmental disorders, or who has it themselves. The younger you are, the greater your chances of know several individuals in this category. There has been a 60 fold increase in incidence of autism, Asperger’s syndrome or related developmental disorders since the 1970’s. WHY these numbers are soaring?

Causes of autism?

Lots of causes have been promoted in the media – vaccines is a big one, toxicity is less well known, and last but not least – there is the EMF connection. Dr. George Carlo, in 2007 decided to look at the toxicity/EMF connection. He knew that nearly everyone who lives on this planet absorbs heavy metals through the air we breathe, water we drink, food and environmental products that transfer the substance from the product to the human.
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Shield Protects Woman from Toxic Personalities

Why Mothers Give Their Daughters the Shield

In March, 2013, I received this distressing email:

“Dear Virginia,

It was such a sad day, today when I discovered that I left my shield
in the bin at the Albuquerque airport while going through the security
check point. And I cried, a lot.
I have called TSA, and e-mailed them a picture of a shield that I
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Smoky Quartz & Onyx, The Whole is Definitely Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

If you’re feeling like you can’t quite get a handle on the chaos around you, reach for a combination of smoky quartz and onyx.

Onyx and Smoky together are said ground your energy in a profound way that goes deeper bringing clarity and focus by connecting your heart and mind. The combination of thought and emotion supercharges and strengthens goals and manifestation.  Vision that comes from your soul rather than just your ego will support you in making choices to bring forth your highest vision.

Smoky quartz is grounding, removes negativity, helps with manifestation of dreams and inspirations and enhances organization (and that’s just for a start).
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Diamonds Can be Your Best Friend.

Be Inspired. Be Inspiring. Align with Your Purpose.

The diamond is the traditional birthstone for April. I am finding it interesting that diamond has some almost contradictory qualities and uses. A Diamond is a stone that bonds relationships and enhances love, most often seen in engagement or wedding rings. It can also help to bring longevity to relationships. On the other hand, it also encourages a desire for independence and a sense of self-confidence.  Personally I feel the best relationships are one in which the partners bond but still maintain their own independence and personality, thus, in my world view the diamond seems absolutely perfect.

I didn’t truly understand the power of the diamond until I got to be the first person to try out the first 14k gold, diamond BioElectric Shield back in 1998. This Shield is an incredible tool for protection and energy enhancement. I awoke the following morning with the absolute understanding that the diamond in that Shield was like a laser beam to help me focus on my purpose and destiny. As I wore this Shield over the next ten years, it seemed that whatever wasn’t in alignment with who I am and am meant to be, just fell away. It also seemed to speed and propel me forward into new adventures that appeared at times to unfold almost like magic. You don’t have to wear a diamond in a Shield for this to work, but the Shield does provide an enhanced strength and focusing quality to the already intense energies of the diamond.
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Cell phone and computer users – we’d like to introduce you to the Bioelectromagnetics Society – Scientists who Care about Us!

The BioInitiative Report from Scientists who Care about Us!

We just received the latest 1479 page BioInitiative Report from the Bioelectromagnetics Society.

The Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS) promotes the annual exchange of ideas to advance the science of natural and applied electromagnetic fields in biology and medicine.

BEMS is an international society with members from 40 countries and regions around the world. Their BioInitiative Report 2012 is filled with studies you’re going to want to know about. This past year, they reviewed 1800 new studies on the effects of bioelectromagnetic (EMF, EMR, electromagnetic radiation) energy on humans and animals.*
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Why Should You Take Steps to Use Your Cell Phone Safely?

Microwave News just posted an article about an article posted in the January 20, 1964 issue of Newsweek titled, “The Mrs. G Effect” about a California housewife, who could hear noises that no one else could hear. An expert concluded that she was converting alternating fields into sound signals “as though she were a radio receiver”.

What seemed totally nuts back then, is much more common place these days. This phenomenon is now known as the microwave auditory effect, also known as the microwave hearing effect or the Frey effect.

That brings me to my subject for today – cell phone safety. Most people can use their phone without feeling anything….today. Researchers and health professionals are compiling data showing that the effects are cumulative and just like smoking, asbestos, lead, artificial sweeteners and many other products, the real truth won’t be known until there are huge amounts of people sick or dying and the facts are no longer controversial.
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Back to School the Easy Way with some Coping Strategies

Coping Skills to Help You and Your Children
Ease Back into the Routine

As a parent you not only have to worry about getting yourself to work during the school year, but now have more schedules than ever to juggle and your kids need your help as well.  While we certainly don’t have the answers or a magic wand that you can wave and make it all easy and joyous, we do have some ideas that might help.

The morning rush to get to school is the first stress. What can you do the night before to be ready or have your child ready to walk out the door? What can be done the night before?
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Celebrate Temporary Insanity Day on Tuesday February 19th

Did you know that twenty-five percent of people say their job is the primary stressor in their lives? Wow, one of the biggest causes of temporary insanity and stress is work and you spend a lot of time there. What is it about work that makes us all so crazy?

The Mayo Clinic says coping with stress is much easier when you identify your stress triggers, manage your time well, and take steps to curb burnout. They advise keeping a stress inventory. For a full week write down all the situations, events and people who cause you to have a negative or stressful reaction. Write down who was involved, where you were, what was going on, your response.

How did your frustration show up – anger, frustration, anxiety, upset stomach, headache etc.

A week of this should give you a much better idea of what/when/where/who is involved that is causing your-day to-day stress. Now pick one and work on it. Are there alternative ways you can deal with the situation? Look for ways you can set things up to help resolve things and reduce your stress.
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Go Insane – Temporarily

They'reComing to Take me AwayOur hectic work lives can sometimes drive us mad. Why not celebrate this madness in reality. February has officially been declared as Temporary Insanity Day. Go crazy, get wild and get others also to go crazy with you. Do some of the silly and insane things you secretly think of doing, but have always resisted doing. Continue reading