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ElectroHyperSensitivity Court Case

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) Claim Wins in Court

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is becoming  common enough that court battles are being won by the claimant instead of being tossed out as “all in your head” scenarios. On August 27, 2015, a French court in Toulouse awarded Marine Richard, a disability payment of approximately $900 a month for 3 years because she cannot be around any form of electromagnetic radiation without becoming ill. She now lives in a remote area of SW France in a barn with no electricity.

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Energy Drained by Others? Take the Empath Quiz

Exhausted empath hSP woman drained by other peopleAre you extremely sensitive emotionally, dislike crowds or feel exhausted after being around people? Chances are you are either an empath or highly sensitive person HSP.

How many of the following questions do you answer yes to?

  1. Do you avoid busy places or feel overwhelmed when there are a lot of people around?
  2. Is your intuition strong?
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3 Ways You Can Protect Yourself From EMF

Cell TowerSome people don’t realize the risk that comes with EMF exposure, which is coming from your wireless phones, as well as area cell towers 24 hours a day, even when your cell phone is off, and the tower is 984 feet away. If you’ve never investigated electromagnetic protection products, and how they can help you draw awareness to EMF safety, now is the time to consider. Here are just a few ways to protect yourself against EMF dangers. Continue reading

The 3 Biggest Sources Of EMF

3 biggest sources of EMFAccording to a recent study, more than 6 billion cell phone users around the world are aware of the risks of Electromagnetic Frequencies.

Exposure to EMF has produced physiological stress in cells after just 1.5 years, and even short-term EMF exposure can cause headaches, irritation, and concentration difficulties in school.

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Are You Properly Protecting Yourself Against Radiation?

emf protection

Odds are, at some point you have heard about the dangers of radiation in various magnitudes. It’s likely that you’ve focused mostly on large quantities of radiation, and only focused on the danger of that. But stop to consider how long each day you spend around technology.

It’s likely that in this day and age, you can barely remember the last time you weren’t at least in the room with a piece of technology. Most people are glued to their phones, work on laptops, and relax by watching TV.

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Parents Should Protect Children from EMF: 3 Reasons Why

ParentsShouldProtectChildren copyAlthough it has become more popular a topic in recent years, many people are still completely unaware of the dangers electromagnetic fields (EMF) can have.

Cell phones, radio towers, microwaves, even the WiFi enabling your laptop are all sources of this invisible, silent menace. Because of the potential risks associated, it’s especially important to protect children from EMF. Children, like the elderly, do not have the same level of strength in their body and immune system as the average adult.

How to block EMF is a difficult question to answer as there is still a lot of uncertainty in the field, but here are three reasons every parent should recognize to protect children from EMF. Continue reading

For Your Consideration: 4 Thought Provoking Studies on EMF Dangers

emf dangers

If we could see the microwaves, radiation, and radio frequencies constantly surrounding us 24/7, we wouldn’t be able to see anything else.

The signals from wireless technology like Wi-Fi Internet, cell phones, and laptops have become completely ubiquitous in modern life. And that’s in addition to the low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by the electricity that flows through our homes, schools, and offices. Most of us take advantage of modern technology in our personal and professional lives, although take for granted might be more accurate. And few people consider the potential EMF dangers we’re increasingly exposed to.

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Why EMF Sickness is a Big Deal and What You Can Do About It

emf protection jewelryAs cellphone and WiFi use continues to rise in the United States and throughout the world, so does the risk of electromagnetic field (EMF) sickness. EMF sickness (which is also referred to as “EMF sensitivity”) is a relatively new illness that is garnering a lot of serious attention throughout the medical and public health communities.

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that sources of EMF waves such as cellular towers can have 1,000 times higher radio frequency (RF) exposures to homes and schools than whatever existed just a few decades ago.

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Sensitive to Electronic Signals? EMF Protection Pendants and 2 Other Solutions May Be the Answer

6 billion cell phone

Each day, we don’t just come into contact with electronics — we also deal with the radiation and electronic signals that they produce. From cell phone signals to WiFi connections, there are all sorts of electromagnetic frequencies (or EMF) that surround us as we go about our daily tasks. Even microwaves produce this type of radiation.

However, many people are often unaware of the risks of EMF. With the number of people using cell phones increasing from about 2 billion in 2006 to 6 billion in 2012, the presence of mobile phone signals is all around us. Yet those users, and the people who regularly use wireless internet, don’t know the effects of these frequencies. Continue reading

Why do doctors, therapists, coaches & healers wear and recommend the BioShield to their patients/clients?

Shield recommended by health professionals

Life Changes, Healing and Energy Work Go Better with a BioShield.

There’s a phenomenon that most people are unaware of that is making it extremely difficult for people to step beyond fear or to get clear about their lives, their emotions, even their own thoughts.

Actually the issue is two-fold. Electromagnetic radiation and the vibration of fear.

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