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Why do doctors, therapists, coaches & healers wear and recommend the BioShield to their patients/clients?

Shield recommended by health professionals

Life Changes, Healing and Energy Work Go Better with a BioShield.

There’s a phenomenon that most people are unaware of that is making it extremely difficult for people to step beyond fear or to get clear about their lives, their emotions, even their own thoughts.

Actually the issue is two-fold. Electromagnetic radiation and the vibration of fear.

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Are You Texting and Talking Your Way to Illness – Understanding Electrosensitivity

Are you texting and talking way to illnessTalking and texting on your mobile phone is considered almost as necessary as breathing for most people under 30 and increasingly for those of us over 30 as well. Most are oblivious to exactly how this miracle of communication happens. Who needs to know anyway? It works, it’s convenient, and we’re not going to give them up.

The Larry King show blew open Pandora’s Box for all the world to see that wireless technology has a heck of a downside! So, what’s the downside?  Continue reading

How do we protect ourselves from WiFi and other cool technology?

HowDoWeProtectFromWiFiWell, first of all, let’s face it – we have a problem. Research has been done for at least 50 years (the Swedish researchers were at this before most of us were born!) showing some clear health issues when someone is exposed to electromagnetic radiation on a regular basis. We LOVE our iPhones, iPads, Androids, tablets, laptops…. but, ah um…. are they wreaking havoc on our bodies?

Some say yes, some say no.  Although research is being done by hundreds of researchers now, it’s still not at a point where it can be said it’s absolutely conclusive with no doubt at all.

Why not ignore these warnings if you feel good?
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Upgrade Your BioShield to Improve Clarity and Intuition

Trade up to improve clarity and IntuitionWhich Shield is best? I talk to people all the time about which Shield is best for them, and sometimes the answer is two-fold. A silver/gold may be great for them giving them what they need, but it’s possible that a 14k may be even better.

I just got off the phone with a customer who had sent in her photo and a Level 3 Shield was really good for her, but she asked if it would be okay to order a diamond Shield instead. The answer was that she could do that for even more support and protection, but that she didn’t actually “need” the extra strength. So why would she choose to spend all that extra money? Continue reading

You Don’t Have to Be “the Canary in the Mine!” Sensitive People Can Protect Themselves from Electromagnetic Pollution

You Don’t Have to Be “the Canary in the Mine!” Sensitive People Can Protect Themselves from Electromagnetic Pollution

Many of us are sensitive to environmental toxins, whether we know it or not. Once we become aware of our sensitivities, it’s easy to feel like as helpless as the canaries miners carried underground; if the bird got sick or died, it was a warning to the workers. We have more power than those poor birds. We can find ways to detox, clean up our environment, and protect ourselves.

It’s important to understand how to minimize and prevent symptoms before they become entrenched as chronic conditions or disease, but sometimes it feels overwhelming, doesn’t it?

There’s so much pollution in our world that scientists are identifying diseases, allergies and sensitivities that were uncommon or unknown only 50 years ago. One of the most common, and most invisible pollutants affecting our health comes from electromagnetic sources:  electrical equipment and appliances to power lines, microwaves, cell phones, smart meters, wifi, computers and radio transmitters.

How do I know if I have EMS? What can I do about it?

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Our Cell Phone Safety Rating Standard are off by about…a billion percent!

EMF Darth Vader & Cellular Stress - Cell Phone Standards off by a Million PercentUpdated research from the 2012 BioInitiative Report

How do you feel when you are stressed out? We often think of stress by how we feel: fatigue, tight muscles, emotionally uptight. Sometimes we can pinpoint a reason, but what about those days when you’re not really sure why you feel edgy?

Has anyone heard of cellular stress? Well, it turns out that EMF is Darth Vader when it comes to prolonged cellular stress. Why does this matter? Well, when you get enough of this, your body starts doing very weird things. Read on! Continue reading

EMF Sensitivity Stories From Hypersensitives – Resource: BLACK ON WHITE E-Book

EMF Sensitivity Stories

Do you sometimes feel like the canary in the mine in your own family, your community or your workplace? It helps to learn the stories of other “canaries,” and find out what they’ve done to make their lives better to heal from EMF Sensitivity.

I recently found this informative and detailed E-book online, on the EMF Safety News and Information website, a compilation of a lot of links and resources. (To download your own copy, scroll down to the “Hypersensitivity to Electricity” topic, and click on “Voices about Electro-Hypersensitivity 2002” link, or go to Continue reading

Winter Health and Beauty: Energy from Within

Winter PeaceWinter is a time for hunkering down and going within. It’s no accident that we have rituals for gathering with our families and friends and making resolutions for change. Whether we live where it’s cold, or simply ride the rising and falling dark of the season, it’s a time for grounding and assessment, tracking dreams and discovery from our inner wisdom.

What’s your resolution this winter? Even as we see a brighter future as the year turns, we’re surrounded by temptations to fall back into habits ripe for change. There are two major keys to joyful change:
1. setting a practical, achievable goal
2. and energizing that change with your internal compass.

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Are Smart Meters Smart? NO.

There's Nothing Smart about smart MetersReports are starting to flood in across the US and Canada about the health effects of so called “smart meters”.

Many people have taken measurements of the EMF levels and found that the radiation from the meters are penetrating through house walls, exposing residents to dangerous electromagnetic pollution. The biggest concern is when the meter is on the same wall as a bedroom or room where you spend a lot of time. Even more worrisome are townhouses and apartments that may have multiple meters mounted just outside their living areas.
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How Are You Sleeping Lately? EMF, Light Pollution and Your Health

Light Pollution EMF and Your Health

We need darkness to sleep, and we need healthy sleep to restore our systems. But according to University of Bristol scientist Denis Henshaw, EMF and the constant stimulation of artificial light may interfere with our resting, or circadian rhythms. Whether we light our nights with TVs or IPads that lull us to sleep or simply never escape the light pollution from street lamps and other outside sources, our systems are saturated 24/7.

“There’s a small but detailed literature demonstrating that Magnetic Fields interfere with the action of pineal cells in synthesizing melatonin.” Translation: our human light reaction threshold is sensitive to EMF. If we get over-stimulated, we don’t produce enough of the antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer agents we need to stay healthy. (From Henshaw’s 2012 paper) Continue reading