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ADD/Focusing Shields

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FOCUSING SHIELDS: For individuals with an focusing, ADD/ADHD Challenges

Do you or your child have an issue with focusing?

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  • The Shields in this section already have the ADD/ADHD matrix inside the Shield. This Matrix contains all the same gems as the ERT matrix PLUS other gems which continually bring your focus back to the task at hand
  • Users report increased ability to finish the task, increased organizational abilities, more satisfaction with their productivity.
  • Please link to our ADD/Focusing Page complete information page (This is just a summary page- read ALL the details and customer experiences on this other page!!)
  • ADD/FOCUSING Shields are designed to work in ALL REGIONS. You do not have to order the international matrix with this type of Shield. We have adjusted for all regions in the design of the matrix.



You've been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD

You haven't been diagnosed, but have constant challenges staying focused on the task at hand


Level 2 Shield with the ADD/ADHD Matrix is recommended if your symptoms are moderate, and you work less than 6 hours at a computer, or you are under 12 years of age.

Level 3 Shield is with the ADD/ADHD Matrix is recommended if you are over 12 and spend more than 6 hours a day on a computer and have these symptoms.



Sharpens your mental skills, particularly focus and concentration

Provides the same EMF Protection as a regular Shield at Level 2, 3, or 4

Balances and calms your emotional energy


*Children who are either ADD/ADHD

*Anyone who has major challenges with focusing

*ADD/ADHD Matrix ONLY if you have this issue.

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Shield Reviews

“I seem to have weathered a 10-hour time change with a minimum of jet lag in both directions. While I am getting a lot less sleep per night, my energy has not flagged. My thinking is clear, and calm, not irritable. During the last 2 months I have been closely exposed to many people who have had colds and flu. In spite of being extremely busy, in spite of having taken a grueling trip to Israel and back, and in spite of having to endure a difficult and stressful home life, I have not had one day of illness since wearing the Shield. I am flabbergasted!”
- S. Bayne, Attorney/Mother, CA, USA

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