BioElectric Shields


  • We recommend protecting you rbody with 3 layers of EMFprotection (see below).
    Start with a Shield, and then add protection for electronics devices and your home/office environment.

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A Summary Chart of Our Shield Types

Product Example Benefits  
Level 1 - Essential Protection 1004S-125 Example - Brass Best protection for infants, young children. shield pbt
Level 2 - Essential Plus 5000P 125 Example - Silver Heart Style Very Good protection for anyone who uses a computer, lives around wireless or uses a cell phone.
Level 3 - Premium pgt t Example - Silver with Yellow or White Gold Tabs Excellent protection. You use a computer or cell phone all day, or are Highly Sensitive Person to EMF or other people's energy gold shield
Level 4 - Ultimate 3000P 125 Example - All 14K Gold or White Gold Strongest protection available-not needed by everyone, but provides outstanding protection from all forms of draining energy - from EMF or people. Suggest photo analysis.
Individually Customized Shield Customs are Available in Any Style For people who are very sensitive, have an health issues, or want the most personalized, best emf protection and energy balancing. Suggest photo analysis gold emf protection shield
Room Shield


Brass - Stand can be purchased too

Neutralizes any unhealthy energy in a room including EMF's or stressful energy
ADD/ADHD Shield Add ADD/ADHD matrix to any style

The ADD/ADHD Shield can be used anywhere in the world. There is no need to order the international matrix with this Shield style.


emf protection shield
International Shields International Matrix is available for any style Shield

If you live outside of North America, Mexico or Canada, you will need to order a Shield which has the correction international matrix for your country. Read more.


Shield Recharge and Repair
Available for your Shield anytime you need it

Your Shield will be recharged, repolished, and examined to make sure it is working at 100% before it leaves our facility.


Not sure which Shield to order?

Use our free photo analysis

Since 1985, our company founders, Dr. Charles W. Brown (Chiropractic Neurologist) and Virginia Brown (Occupational Therapist) have had the privilege of working with a family who has the ability to see energy to the cellular level. The lens of their eyes have a broader capacity than what is typical for the rest of us. They are able to see light frequencies not visible to the normal eye down to the cellular level. As long as your photo has a high level of resolution and includes a light background, our consultants are able to see what is impacting your energy as well as your energy sensitivities.

Directions for free photo analysis service

Triple EMF Protection

There is electromagnetic radiation everywhere in our environment. The closer you are to devices that emit radiation, the more protection you need. The safe, smart approach is to layer your protection. If possible, start with protecting your body 24/7, by wearing a Shield. After that, address your environment and electronics. Each additional layer you add takes a burden off your immune system. Users report renewed energy, increased focus, greater balance and harmony in their lives. 

 Why do you need protection? Read the EMF 2012 BioInitiave Report-29 scientists and doctors reviewed 1800 EMF studies.  Research listed in our EMF News section Read more about Layered EMF Protection

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