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Testing the BioElectric Shield

EMF Protection Research Studies, Articles, and Videos on the BioElectric Shield

Research Documents: Research has found that when a person is wearing a the EMF Protection BioElectric Shield, their body strength, heart rate, and acupuncture meridians remains in the healthy, strong range despite exposure to electro-magnetic radiation and stressful situations. We also discuss the use of Gauss Meters when evaluating an EMF Protection device.

**Four of the studies were replicated studies and Scribd removed these, not realizing they were performed by different doctors and health professionals! We included a PDF of the original study in these cases.

Videos: There are 3 videos at the bottom of this page. Dr. David Getoff tested patients wearing the BioElectric Shield  and reports his findings.

Research on the EMF Protection BioElectric Shield

Since 1990 to the present, a wide range of studies has proven the Shield's strengthening effects on the human energy system. Research documents greater resistance to any stress-producing stimuli, including computer and cell phones, stressful people or situations. Enhanced peak performance and health are shown by increased strength and healthy acupuncture scores. All research was performed with our basic shield, the sterling silver with brass tabs design.

1. Effects of EMF Protection BioElectric Shield on Human Energy Systems as Measured by Computerized Acupuncture-Pilot Study
(October, 1992) Original Study with Data on Scribd or read Local PDF copy

Dr. Charles W. Brown tested 6 six subjects in a pilot study. Fifty (50) different acupuncture points were measured using the Interro, a Computerized Acupuncture diagnostic device. Three measurements were taken:

  1. Baseline acupuncture scores were established.
  2. Subjects wore the Shield for three weeks.
  3. The same points were retested.

Discussion: Acupuncture point measurement is one measurement of a person's health. In this study, the acupuncture readings showed greater strength and balance in the energy flow through the acupuncture points, indicating better health. Specifically, improvements were seen in the functioning of the immune system, kidney, liver, gall bladder, allergy points, , and stomach points, in summary, all the body organs and systems.

Dr. Brown retired from practice in 2000. Listed below are credentials and memberships active at the time research studies were conducted: Diplomate of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners; Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Neurologists. Certified in Applied Kineseology; Impairment Evaluator in Montana. Membership: Montana Chiropractic Association; Yellowstone Chiropractic Association; American Chiropractic Association; American Chiropractic Association Council on Neurology; Member of the International College of Applied Kineseology. Original Study with Data

2. Effects of EMF Protection BioElectric Shield verses Placebo Shields in Double-Blind Studies
(December 1993) Original Study with Data

Dr. Charles W. Brown tested 25 patients under 3 conditions:

  1. Using applied Kineseology, they found a muscle that would test weak on a particular subject.
  2. The subjects were tested holding shield A (either a placebo or an authentic Shield). Strength or weakness was noted.
  3. The subjects were tested holding shield B (either a placebo or an authentic Shield). Strength or weakness was noted.

The examining doctor was not aware of which Shield they were testing. The authentic Shield strengthened all 25 patients and the placebo shield strengthened no one.

3. Effects of EMF Protection BioElectric Shield on Muscle Weakness- Attributed to EMF Exposure - Original Study
(January 1994) (Original Study with Data on Scribd) or local PDF copy

There are many sources of electromagnetic radiation (ELF): battery-operated devices, cell phone, TV remote, blow dryers, computers. These three devices all radiate 60-hertz frequency waves. Twenty-five (25) patients were tested under 3 conditions:

  1. Baseline strength established using applied Kineseology
  2. An emf generating device (battery operated clock) held in the heart area and strength was measure
  3. The Shield was held while the subject still held the clock at the heart area. Strength was measured.

Results: In the two groups, 24 out of 25 people showed a drop in muscle strength. All 24 regained their original level of muscle strength after placing a Shield on their chest for only one minute.

4. EMF Protection BioElectric Shield verses Placebo Shield-Replication of Original Double-blind study
(1994) (Replication of Study 2 done by Dr. Charles W. Brown) (Original Study with Data)

In a replication of the above study, Dr. Yvonne YuRichko, DC, DABCN, tested 25 patients under the same conditions. The authentic Shield strengthened all 25 patients and the placebo shield strengthened no one. Dr. YuRichko is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist, Diplomate: American Academy of Pain Management.

5.Effects of EMF Protection BioElectric Shield on Muscle Weakness Attributed -Replicated Study
(June 1994) (Original Study with Data)

In a replication of Study 3, Dr. Yvonne YuRichko tested 25 patients under the same conditions.

Results: In the two groups, 25 out of 25 people showed a drop in muscle strength. All 25 regained their original level of muscle strength after placing a Shield on their chest for only one minute.

6. Effects of EMF Protection BioElectric Shield on Human Audio Resonance Patterns
(September 1994) (Original Report on Scribd) or View local PDF of Study

A pioneer in sound healing, Harry Edwards, PhD., offered to test 3 of her patients without a shield, and then after wearing a shield for only 5 minutes.

All three of their voice patterns went into "perfect resonance" after only 5 minutes. In this line of healing, perfect resonance is an indication of health in the body. Dr. Edwards stated this was "unheard of, and most impressive, demonstrating the balancing and strengthening effect the Shield has on the human body".

7.Effects of EMF Protection BioElectric Shield on Human EMG Response- Pilot Study
(September, 1996)(Original Study with Data on Scribd) or View local PDF of Study

Pilot study conducted by Charles W. Brown, D.C., D.A.B.C.N. to record human EMG response when exposed to the electromagnetic field generated by a computer. Results suggest a general weakening of muscle strength during exposure. The Bioelectric Shield mediated the stress generated by enhancing muscle strength bringing it back to, or higher than baseline, pre-exposure EMG strength levels.

8. Effects of EMF Protection BioElectric Shield on Human EMG Response
(September, 1996) (Research Document on Scribd)(Summary with Data)(American Journal of Electro medicine Discussion of Research on Scribd) or Local PDF of Journal Article

Dr. Brown tested 25 subjects using a device called the Compufet, which produces a computerized reading of muscle activity and strength. It is accurate to .2 of a pound, and used in
hospitals and clinics worldwide.

emg response chart

Three measurements were taken:
1. To establish a baseline, strength was measured.
2. After sitting in front of a computer for 5 minutes, strength was measured.
3. After 5 minutes of wearing a Shield, still sitting in front of the computer, muscle strength was measured.

After the subject had sat in front of the computer for 5 minutes, the average drop in muscle strength averaged 16.89 %. In condition 3, after wearing a shield for 5 minutes, strength was restored in all 25 subjects, showing a 25.75% increase over the weak score.

In all 25 subjects strength was restored by wearing the Shield, suggesting the Shield cancels the weakening effects of emf. In 19 of the 25 subjects, strength was greater than the baseline reading, suggesting a more generalized strengthening effect on the biofield.

9. Effects of EMF Protection BioElectric Shield on Strength Using a Dynamometer Parameter
(October 1999)(Original Study with Data)

Virginia Brown, an Occupational Therapist, was testing the claim from many customers that they felt physically stronger when wearing the Shield. Two measurements were taken to test this hypothesis. Initial baseline readings were taken. The subject then wore a Shield over their lower sternal region for one minute. The relative strength or weakness of the opponens muscles was then re-evaluated with the dynamometer. Of the 50 individuals tested, 96% showed average increased muscle strength of 24%. Objective metrics demonstrate the BioElectric Shield increases muscle strength in most (96%) individuals.

10. Effects of EMF Protection BioElectric Shield on Stress Tolerance Patterns
(October 1999)(Original Study with data on Scribd) or View local PDF

Fifty (50) individuals were tested by an Occupational Therapist using a dynamometer, a device used in clinics to test finger or grip strength. Each subject’s opponens muscle was tested with a dynamometer to determine relative strength or weakness during 3 conditions.

1. Baseline strength while they were visualizing a blue sky.
2. While visualizing a stressful situation in their lives.
3. After the subject then wore a Shield over their lower sternal region for one minute and then visualized the same situation.

When visualizing a stressful situation, 47 out of 50 subjects showed a decrease in muscle strength. When holding a Shield, all 47 subjects regained their strength even while visualizing the same stressful situation. This study suggests the BioElectric Shield strengthens the human biofield during stress.

11. Effect of EMF Protection BioElectric Shield on Cardiac Response to Mobile Phone
(June 2002) (Alternative Medicine Article with Research Data)

Michael Borkin, N.D. of Santa Monica, Californian uses HRV (Heart Rate Variable) to assess the condition of his patients. In this informal study, heart rate was found to increase when subjects used a cell phone. Heart rate was stabilized when the subject put on a BioElectric Shield.

Dr. Borkin: "HRV is the measurement, in milliseconds, of the beat-to-beat changes in a subject’s heart rate, and it gives a glimpse of the state of the autonomic nervous system. This system controls the beating of the heart, the movement of the gastrointestinal tract, and the secretion of hormones. The HRV test is a good measurement of a body’s overall response to stimuli. We had the subject answer her cell phone, this time while wearing the BioElectric Shield. Her HRV monitor showed that her autonomic nervous system remained stable, with no change in her heart rhythms."

12. Monroe Harmonic Translation System Report- Energy Evaluation of EMF Protection with Bioelectric Shield and Teslar emf protection watch
(1994) (Full Report with Data on Scribd) or View local PDF

Without knowledge of the company, a holistic practitioner performed an analysis of the performance of both the BioElectric Shield and the Teslar watch on a patient who showed an abnormally high reading of 132 (anything over 100 is considered a problem) on his electromagnetic pollution reading. The device is similar to the older Voll Dermatron system, and is considered more accurate. It will measure many types of toxicity, including electromagnetic toxicity. When the clinician placed the BioElectric Shield on the client, the EM pollution scores dropped to 75, well within the healthy range.

13. QXCI Analysis of BioElectric Shield and Electromagnetic Radiation

We did not ask for this testing to be done, but a customer called us and reported the results of her chiropractor using the QXCI machine to test the effectiveness of the Shield when a person is exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Here is the report:

From an earlier time, Kerri shared the following report, “recently I dropped my Mom off for a QXCI treatment, and then proceeded to visit my chiropractor, since they are in the same building. Dr. Martin was asking how my Mom was and I started telling him about her very high sensitivity to EMF, wireless, etc. He uses NAET, a treatment which is where they muscle test you with vials that have frequencies of things, such as foods, allergens, etc. and then clear them for a 24 hour period and your body no longer has trouble dealing with whatever it was.”

“So I told him how well I have done with my shield and that my back has not gone out once since I have been wearing it in December and that mom had a personal one on the way. I have had some weak moments, but it always turns around within a few days. Truly AMAZING…”
“ I now have more of a load than I ever have. Penelope just turned 2, is healthy and strong! Ella is 4 and my mom is dealing with major health issues so I have no spare time these days. Also, I have started making homemade beet kvass, kefir, whey, kombucha. I am doing all this and I have a small business out of my home as well.This would be a prime setup for my back to go out to where I would be on painkillers and really suffering.”

Dr. Martin Tests the Shield- Part II

“Dr. Martin says, ‘We have a radiation vial that we can do on your mom and he says, I want to see something, lets test you for it.’ So he did and I was as strong as can be with muscle testing and I looked at him and said, "I am wearing my shield though."

He said, ‘okay, lets take it off.’ So we did and I failed!! He did it over and over again. I knew my shield was working for me, but it was so cool to hold a vial of radiation and be as strong as can be with the shield on and then have it off and fail every time he tested me. Needless to say he was impressed. I WAS VERY IMPRESSED!!”

“And how encouraging these words were for my mom. So I went back to her in the QXCI room and told them.
I do not think that she can fully anticipate what that shield is going to do for her. This is going to be over the top!!!”


The Use of Gauss Meters when evaluating EMF Protection Devices

The issues with using Gauss Meters to evaluate the effectiveness of an EMF Protection Device. Based on an interview with an electrical engineer.

If you don't see a movie screen here, you can view 4 minute explanation of how to measure the effectiveness of an emf protection device: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UWRibp2jYE

Doctor Evaluates EMF Protection Devices

Dr. David Getoff reports patient experiences wearing the BioElectric Shield as compared to other EMF devices he has tested over the past 10 years.

Dr. Getoff tests all his energy sensitive patients with the BioElectric Shield and many other energy protection devices. In 16 years of testing he has tested thousands of people. In this testing 90% tested strong with at least one product, and 98% of the time it's the BioElectric Shield. Proving over and over again that the Shield works far better than many other products on the market. Find out more about his experiences and testing.

Part I

Part II

Part III