EMF Photo Analysis Process

More than meets the eye

This famous iceberg* reminds us there can be "more than meets the eye" in many situations. Tip of the IcebergHave you ever thought about the difference between what a chef tastes in food, what a sommelier tastes in wine, or what an artist sees in a painting? All of these experts have high sensory acuity or a highly developed skill in their respective fields that helps them to experience their environment differently. *Tai-Wiki-Widbee, located off the coast of Newfoundland

Our experts are able to see light frequencies not visible to the normal eye down to the cellular level. The lenses of their eyes have a broader capacity than what is typical for the rest of us. This gift has been passed through several generations for the past 900 years. Dr. Charles Brown, a Chiropractic Neurologist, and Virginia Brown, M. S., an Occupational Therapist, originally used their services to inquire about very complex patient issues at their Pain and Allergy Clinics in both Boston, and Billings, Montana. Their answers have been verified as correct by MRIs, Cat-scans, and other types of medical documentation. We have the utmost of respect for their gift.

Viewing Your Aura

Aura photo before wearing a BioElectric Shield
1 hour after the 1st photograph
After one hour

When our consultants look at your photo, they have the ability to see thousands of different colors and shapes that comprise your aura. The photo shown here is taken by a Kirlian camera, and in no way approaches the complexity of colors/shapes they see. What it does show (gross representation) is the difference in the energy field/aura of someone who has worn a BioElectric Shield for six months.

Based on your photo, in combination with the information you provide from the questionnaire, we will provide a specific recommendation for the Shield that will protect, strengthen and balance your energy the most. You will receive a call back from Virginia Brown, MS, Occupational Therapist, who has personally discussed your information with the consultant.

Instructions for the free photo analysis

photo analysis emf protection

1. Fill out the questionnaire 

  • Even if you took our EMF Energy Sensitivity Quiz, we need to have the answers filled out in the questionnaire listed below this section.
  • The more complete your answers, the more detailed recommendation we can give you.

2. Have your photo taken

  • Take and send a high-resolution photo. (A smart phone or digital camera work well).
  • Wear light clothing or wrap a light-colored sheet around you (if you don't have light colored clothing).
  • Stand by yourself against a light background.
  • We need 4-5 feet (1.5-2.0 meters) of space around you - in all directions - including in front of your feet.
  • (See example at right).

3. Email photo and Questionnaire

  • Please EMAIL your photo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -
  • Instructions for sending a photo from your phone: Take the photo, go to your gallery on your phone, choose the photo and then click on the symbol that will allow you to text or email us the photo. It's helpful to put our email or text number in your contacts before you take the photo. Then, when you choose to send the photo, you can select the BioElectric Shield contact.
  • If you do not have an email program on your phone, you won't be able to email it to us. Instead you can text the photo to 541-890-0795. It is only for receiving texts/photos. (PS, Do not call this number - if you want to speak with us, please call our business phone - 541-201-8878.)

Optional by Mail - Please print your photo using the following criteria.

  • In order for the consultant to see your energy, the printer must be a photographic printer, capable of printing at a minimum of 1200 dpi. A 4” x 6” print on glossy photo paper will be fine.
  • Please send your photo and questions to:
    Robert Fidel
    643 Dean Creek Rd.
    Lavina, Montana 59046



The more information and detail about your situation that you can give us, the more accurate our recommendations will be for you! Please provide DETAILS when about any sensitivies or symptoms you have, as well as the specifications of the sources and situations when you are most bothered by EMF or other energies (people, situations, places.) Thank you!!

PLEASE SEND us your PHOTO IN A SEPERATE EMAIL FROM THIS FORM. The consultant MUST see your photo as well as the answers to these questions to give you an accurate recommendation. (See above for photo instructions) 

Individually Customized Shields

In addition to telling you which regular Shield will best serve you, we can also advise if a customized Shield will be of even more help. 

  • When you want the best protection, there is simply nothing that will protect and balance your energy better than a Shield that has been configured to exactly meet your energy needs. Many of us feel great- and want to keep feeling that way - so we've ordered individually customized Shields

  • Secondly, an individually customized Shield is necessary for anyone who has special energy needs. Some people will purchase a regular Shield and find it doesn't feel good wearing it. 99% of the time these people have unique energy fields that require a special matrix to protect and support them.
    • Having made hundreds of custom Shields, we can say that being able to offer this special Shield has made the difference between a great life, and a life of misery for many of our custom Shield wearers. Through the generosity of a special family who is able to see energy to the cellular level, they are able to add gems to the standard matrix which balance out sensitivities or weaknesses in the person's energy field. It is free to find out if a custom Shield will benefit you. 

Read more about Customized Shields

*Photo credit - Ralph A. Cleventer

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