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World Health Organization Admits in Dramatic Reversal of Opinion, Cell Phones Possibly (probably) Cause Cancer

Are danger warnings a deterrent? Will this warning change your life?

WHOLogoI'm sure by now you've heard about the World Health Organization press release on May 31, 2011, that reclassified cellular phone use as a possible (probable) carcinogen. Every major news organization in the world commented on this report. Did you throw your cell phone away? No, of course not, neither did anyone else. Being told that something we are doing today may kill us in the far distant future really isn't much of a deterrent, if it were, then anyone born after 1965 would have never started smoking, ever. Read Cellular Phone Radiation Linked to Cancer by World Health Organization for the full press release and more info about WHO and why what they say is important.

anti-smoking-campaignGirlI got to thinking about this the other day when my daughter, now 41, was patting herself on the back for having quit smoking a year ago. How the heck did she ever put that first cigarette in her mouth? When she was little, she was like the anti smoking police constantly badgering grandfather to quit smoking, telling him all the dangers, quoting statistics and warnings. She was furious with him for being so stupid as to endanger his life by smoking. Knowing all that, even being extremely passionate about not smoking, she still became a smoker.

If knowledge of the dangers didn’t stop my daughter and at least a dozen other kids I know of, then why would we think that warnings about cell phones and EMF are going to change peoples’ behavior?

We like to think we are all rational human beings and will make healthy choices. If that were the case then no one would drink too much, be overweight, drive too fast, smoke, have an affair, use get the idea, just fill in the list of risky behaviors that you've engaged in or witnessed and you'll see that we don't make decisions based on possible consequences.

I get it, we aren't going to give up our cell phones, computers, WIFI, computer games, or any of our technology, the convenience and current gratification far outweigh the possible, "someday, way in the future" consequences.

BabyMonitorIn addition to cell phones and the items above I was shocked to find an article that states it's not just cell phones that are an issue, but also DECT-type wireless telephones, baby monitors and other domestic appliances which emit continuous pulse waves, and all electrical equipment that is left permanently on standby. Want to know more? Read reports about Potential Dangers of EMF

Also of note is this article which brings some of the effects from the distant future to the here and now for many people World Health Organization - WHO - Recognizes Electromagnetic Sensitivity as an Illness "We are facing very high numbers of people already diagnosed, and also between 12% and 15% of the population has some kind of disturbance in the presence of a chemical substance. In the EHS, figures of affected people are between 3 and 6% of the population, but these numbers are growing continuously.

So let's talk about what we CAN do today to make our lives better, healthier and more positive without giving up anything! To every problem, there’s ALWAYS a solution – sometimes a simple one, sometimes more complex. Sometimes the solution to one problem actually solves another one along the way...let’s look at the best solution we know of, The BioElectric Shield.

The Shield (BioShield) works on many levels to balance and strengthen your entire energy field (aura) down to the level of your DNA, the EMF radiation and even fear and negativity from other people is both neutralized and deflected. You are no longer being bombarded and affected by all the technology around you.

While you may purchase the Shield to deal with the dangers of EMF, it has many other benefits that may be a solution to other issues in your life.

Enhanced Overall Health

  1. Wearing a BioElectric Shield is not only protective for your energy, but it’s basically the equivalent of getting a general acupuncture treatment 24/7.

  2. The Shield balances your energy meridians the entire time you wear it. Yes, if you have a specific acute issue, go see your acupuncturist, but our research shows that anyone wearing a Shield for more than 2 weeks, had much greater energy flow – as measured by their acupuncture points.

Improved Focusing Ability

  1. Have you been having more difficulty focusing lately? You very probably don’t have ADD if this is a relatively new issue. So what’s happening? Simple, the increased electronic input and EMF radiation is causing an overload in your energy field. Your energy is working overtime to stay at its normal healthy frequency. Choose a Shield that is best suited for your lifestyle

  2. If you or your child do have ADD/ADHD, we have a specially designed Focusing Shield that will give you even more help in focusing.

Less stress, better “go with the flow attitude”
How and why is greater flow a benefit of the Shield? Actually there are a number of reasons for this.

Use our
Levels of Protection Chart
to choose the right Shield for your energy needs!

  1. Stress Affects Your flow When you get stressed, your energy field literally fragments and gets scattered, making it even more difficult to get things done or go with the flow because you can’t even recognize or find the flow. The Shield is constantly bringing you back to balance, resulting in greater flow. Wearing the Shield, when you get stressed and your energy gets out of whack, the Shield brings you back your center.
  2. Other People’s Stress Has an Effect on You. You probably aren’t even aware of this, but when you’re around people who are under stress, upset or fearful, you are affected by their stress and negative emotions. When you’re wearing the Shield much, if not all, of this energy is being deflected away from you. You are now able to be in your own positive energy flow. Although you might not qualify as a “Highly Sensitive Person” you may still relate to some of this info. Think about times that you were in a positive mood, and then “suddenly” you were angry, frustrated, sad, or even tired, was it all you, or was it someone else’s energy impacting you?
  3. News drags you down. Even more surprising for many people is that you can also be affected by the news, things you read and the internet. Again when wearing the Shield a lot of that negativity is deflected or neutralized, AND if you get triggered by something you see or read you return to “normal” much quicker.

  4. Energy more Coherent. Our technology puts out EMF radiation that also affects your energy balance and sometimes impacts it greatly causing a lack of coherence…i.e. you feel spacy, disconnected, “off”, unfocused. With the Shield your energy remains coherent and balanced.

Stronger immune system

  1. Peace of Mind – freedom from planetary fear.
    You probably aren’t even aware of it, but there is a layer of fear surrounding the Earth that has a huge impact on many areas of your life, many of these feelings and issues may simply be your reaction to feeling this fear 24/7: anxiety, exhaustion, negativity, lack of focus, hopelessness, depression, sadness

  2. The Shield lifts you out of this blanket of fear, and you are able to remain in a more positive space.

  3. If you are a world server, you are doubly benefited

    1. You aren’t being exhausted by this energy, thus you have more resources available to be of service.

    2. You can be clearer about where your priorities are and where you can help.

Easier decision making

  1. You are no longer as affected by the fears, desires and agendas of everyone around you.

  2. You are much more able to check in with yourself about what feels right to You and make choices accordingly.

Spiritual Advancement

  1. You are Shielded from all the outside “chatter” and thus much clearer and more centered. Meditators find that it’s much easier to slip into that meditative state and find their experiences are deeper and more profound.

  2. Your energy is more centered, and much more quickly releases issues, upsets and other negative states.

  3. It’s easier to maintain a spiritually rich life when there is less outside influence, more clarity and easier connectedness, plus you have the advantages of being in a space that allows easier energy shifts and change.


Who is the World Health Organization, WHO/ IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) and why is what they say important?

WHO is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends.

To learn more about the agency:

The world’s health communities look to WHO for guidance. When WHO comes out with an acknowledgement of an issue it gives a lot of credibility to it. Until now WHO hasn’t been willing to state that there are any negative effects from Cell phones or EMF, they Had been saying that there just wasn’t enough evidence. They have now reversed that and said there is a preponderance of evidence that cell phones are very possibly cancerous and we should take precautions. They have further gone on to state “Between 3 and 6% of the world's population is ill from electromagnetic sensitivity, but these numbers are growing continuously and upwards of 30% are affected and don't even know it.”

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