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How the Shield Works with Your Natural Life Force Energy

imageThe Shield deflects and redirects harmful electromagnetic radiation from wireless networks, cell phones, computers, etc. The Shield acts as an energy pacemaker, keeping your vibration strong, steady and healthy. It promotes perfect balance in all 4 of your energy aspects: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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3 Laws of Physics Used in All BioElectric Shields to Protect You

imageIn 1914, Max Von Laue won the Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering diffraction of X-rays by crystals. William Bragg won the Nobel Prize in 1915 for establishing "Bragg's Law", which determines the exact crystal spacing needed to reflect and redirect electromagnetic energy. The BioShield crystal matrix uses these principles.

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Everyday Benefits for You: Revitalize Your Energy and Enhance Your Life

imageOur Earth Resonance Technology is an all natural matrix of crystals which are then Energetically Charged in a special all Crystal Chamber for maximum performance.The Shield goes into resonance with your unique energy vibration within 24 hours. It adds balanced, healing energy to reinforce and strengthen your energy vitality.

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