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Protect yourself with this innovative all natural EMF protection pendant

  • Deflects and neutralizes the impact of EMF radiation from cell phones, WiFi, computer radiation
  • Reduces impact of unhealthy energies from people, places and devices.
  • Users report Increased Focus, Renewed Energy, Feeling more emotionally balanced & stable

This chart will assist you in choosing a level of protection which matches your lifestyle and EMF exposure. ADD/ADHD Shields and individually customized Shields available.

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Energy Protection for Babies and Children

Low Exposure

Ideal for: Babies, young children and those who have minimal exposure to EMF.

• Excellent for use as a room shield: to hang over the crib, near a sleeping child, or in entertainment rooms. Hang in car to reduce EMF from electronics.


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Essential +

Excellent Strong
Energy Protection

Moderate Exposure

Ideal if you carry a cell phone, use a computer daily, live in a city, have WiFi or work or live in an area with WiFi or WiMax.

• Strong protection for you from all kinds of negative energy - including other people's stress or bad moods.

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Exceptionally Strong
  Energy Protection

High Exposure

Ideal if you carry a mobile phone, or use a computer 6-8 hrs/day or are sensitive to EMF or other energies.

• Even stronger physical and emotional protection. Wearers love this Shield because it reduces stress, enhances intuition, internal calm and a sense of well-being.

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Strongest Energy Protection

Total Protection

Ideal if you do not want to take any chances with your health.

• You spend 40+/hrs per week in front of a computer or travel frequently.

• If you are energy sensitive and want maximum protection.

Watch the 5 minute video that explains how the BioElectric Shield uses traditional and quantum physics to protect your biofield.

If you are using an iPad or iPhone, you can see the BioElectric Shield video on YouTube

dr. weil discusses emf crisis and need for  protection

The EMF CRISIS: Andrew Weil, M.D.,
Author of 8 Weeks to Optimum Health & Spontaneous Healing

"Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible."




  • PROTECTS YOU from cell phones, computers and other electromagnetic radiation by deflecting and redirecting this unhealthy energy

  • STRENGTHENS AND REINFORCES your own natural healthy energy field, amplifying your abilities to handle stressful situations and people more easily

  • BALANCES and ENHANCES your natural energy, improving focus, performance and goal achievement. Balances your system to the level of your DNA and helps to keep your immune system strong.

Doctor's Report: Watch these 3 short- highly informative - and entertaining videos on "Evaluation of EMF Protection Devices"

Video of Dr. David Getoff on EMF Devices Video of Dr. David Getoff on EMF Devices - part two Video of Dr. David Getoff on EMF Devices - part three


made_in_usa_icon _100 Made in the USA, in a serene location in Montana. Hundreds of thousands of people over the years swear by the life-changing results these hand-crafted pendants provide. Wear it - or put it in your pocket.

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How this EMF Energy Shield works
How to Choose a Shield -EMF Protection Chart
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Shield Reviews

“I seem to have weathered a 10-hour time change with a minimum of jet lag in both directions. While I am getting a lot less sleep per night, my energy has not flagged. My thinking is clear, and calm, not irritable. During the last 2 months I have been closely exposed to many people who have had colds and flu. In spite of being extremely busy, in spite of having taken a grueling trip to Israel and back, and in spite of having to endure a difficult and stressful home life, I have not had one day of illness since wearing the Shield. I am flabbergasted!”
- S. Bayne, Attorney/Mother, CA, USA

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